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Review by ScottG See Profile

  • Location: Redmond,King,WA
  • Cost: $15 per month (month by month)
Bad "Very bad."
Overall "I will replace them as soon as possible."

For the second time this year, Frontier has promised one service then claimed otherwise.

My mom is 83 y/o. We shopped for a better deal on her DSL service and I was promised an upgrade at no cost because of a special they were having. When the bill came they had charged $6 for it. Not a big deal normally but for a person on a fixed income, every little bit hurts.

Now her DSL modem has failed. I called Frontier last Friday and they said a tech will call to arrange a time he can replace the defective box. No call came so I called back, There's no way they will send a tech out! And the replacement box has to come from the east coast via UPS. So she'll have no internet for at least a week - this is tough for someone who is mostly home-bound. They claim there is no box avail on the west coast. Really???

I get service on the first call but when nothing happens, the next person has an attitude even though I have been nothing but curtious. (I've been in cust. service and know you get nothing if you provoke someone).

They have an attitude like the old Bell Tele co. = We don't car, we don't have to!

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