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Overall "what you really need to know..."

I work for Frontier and I will share a little bit of insight... yes, Frontier has oversold their network, and no matter how many times you call into technical support, there is no solution until Frontier decides to add additional bandwidth to your area. No, we do not know when that is supposed to happen. Yes, the internet product is really not all that great, but when you live out in some of our service areas, you should be happy that you can get anything at all.

Technical Support has limited tools as to what they can do to "see" or determine what the problem actually is. They have just started to have the ability to run line test in the former Verizon areas to see issues, but still must be routed out to a tech. Once the ticket is put in, they have no control over it.

Whoever is selling you the internet, or telling you what speed you can get, is probably lying. Customer service will tell anyone they can get a faster speed, even if it is not available. It's not really their fault, but nobody really knows what areas are capped, and what they are capped at. The computer might say that max available speed is 7.1M, but the area is most likely capped at 1.6 or 3.. customer service has no clue about this, so they will tell you that you can get 7. Also, if you guys are on an old verizon 3M or 7M plan, do NOT and I repeat DO NOT roll your bundle over to HSI MAX... sure you may save a few dollars a month, but then you will have your speeds decreased to whatever the Frontier caps are in the area.

Keep in mind Verizon was only at about 65% utilization of their dslams, Frontier has increased that to well over 80 and is close to 90 in most areas....therefore they had to cap the speed to try to make the connect as stable as possible. Frontiers goal is to offer it to as many customer in the footprint as possible. Upgrades are happening, but they are slow.

Anything else just ask, I will try to answer your questions. Sure, Frontier has a long way to go, but they are working on things.

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