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Review by Aranarth See Profile

  • Location: Stanwood,Mecosta,MI
  • Cost: $35 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Cheap and available"
Bad "DSL is not as fast as cable"
Overall "If your choices are Satellite or DSL, DSL wins!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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Finally got it in the area after almost 9 years of promises.

Definitely better than Wildblue 500kbs service.

There are some coordination issues where everyone I called said yep its all hooked up but when the tech went to the NOC he found out it was not hooked up yet.

Price is decent.
Provided modem is a bit weird... may decide to ditch it early and get a better one form Netgear etc.

Update: After getting 3.2mbps for 6 months I started having dropped connections and other issues. Tech who came out just dropped my speed to 1700kpbs and said that was all the line was good for. So far frontier has given a deaf ear to the idea that it was running 100% stable at 3mbps for 6-9 months and that there is an issue with the line. I might switch to casair instead to get the performance I'm supposed to get.

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Frontier Will Not Help Us.

After about a year of having the same problems with my internet, over and over they sent a tech guy to come and help, many times. But each time the Frontier tech came here it was as if they did nothing and told us the problem was fixed and left. Each time was the same, and each time the problem did not get fixed despite their promises. Internet is very slow now and i still cannot go on youtube or watch any videos. I am hoping that one day they will do their jobs and finally help us.

R.I.P Dadkins
Elk Grove, CA
·SureWest Internet


Frontier almost always does that. Start at between 3-6 on the download side, then whammo, they cut your speed and say everything in the book is responsible for your new landing spot of 1mbps download. You will never see that higher speed again. Frontier sucks!



same thing

wow,,,,the exact same thing has happened to us,, 6 to 9 months of really good service,, then disconnects,, then slow service