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Review by applerule See Profile

  • Location: Weaverville,Buncombe,NC
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "DSL Internet is better than dialup"
Bad "Speed not as advertised, customer service, communication."
Overall "Use 4G/3G/Satellite's that bad."
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Where I live my options were to go with Frontier DSL, WISP, Cellular, or Satellite. The first thing I tried was the WISP; however, after a site survey I do not have good enough LOS to the tower to get the service. Therefore, since Frontier was the only uncapped option left, I decided to go with them.

Subscribing to the service was interesting. Even though I knew Frontier serviced my area (my neighbor has it), I had to call twice to even get them to say that I could get service. I ordered their DSL 'Broadband Ultra' plan - which is up to 12mbps. When I talked to Frontier on the phone, they said the fastest I would ever be able to receive was 7.1mbps even though I would be paying for 12mbps. I agreed to this. The install was scheduled for a Friday morning between 8am and Noon.

On Friday, the installer called me at about 8:15AM to tell me that he would be arriving in the next few minutes. The installer then arrived and installed my DSL service. I still have a line laying across my yard that the installer said would be buried in a few weeks. The installer was great...if only everything else went as well as the initial install.

After the installer left, I logged into my modem (Which is a Netgear 7550) and noticed I was only provisioned for about 3.3mbps. I called Frontier customer service and explained that I was only provisioned for 3.3. The rep told me that sometimes it takes a few hours for everything to update in their computer to reflect what I am paying for, and the speed would increase. About 8 hours later, I call back again. This time I'm told it will be after midnight before it will reprovision any faster. I call back the next morning, and am told that all I can get is 3mbps where I live. Then, I proceed to complain about the fact that I was sold the 12Mbps plan and that I will never receive that speed. I explain that I want to be dropped to a lower plan if I will never receive this speed. The rep just keeps telling me over and over that 12mbps is "up to" and not a guaranteed speed.

I had to call again to explain my situation again and then I find out that they had already dropped me to the 6Mbps plan (I am told that there is no 3Mbps plan -- I assume that the last time I called they dropped me to it without telling me or something...) --without notifying me of the change. I explain that I had not been told of this again, and ask for my new price (about $45/mo for DSL only, which was cheaper than I was originally quoted at about $55/mo for 12mbps); however, I was never informed of this change, or what my speed would be. If I had not been savvy enough to complain about this, I wonder how many people are paying for speeds that they can never receive.

Now that my Frontier has openly admitted that I will only get 3mbps, I get pretty close to that speed. During peak hours it will drop to 1.8mbps-2.4mbps, but otherwise I usually speedtest around 2.8mbps. Pings typically run in the 150-250ms range. I had 50mbps cable before, and this speed is horrible compared to what I used to get with cable, and is very noticeable. I'm in the process of mounting a 4g antenna and going with Verizon/Millenicom to get faster speeds and the 20g data cap. (No Sprint 4g here)

In short, it's better than dealing with dialup/satellite, but at these speeds and with the customer service I have had with them, I would run far away if you have any other viable options. I have had Charter and Comcast in the past and I would run back to them in a heartbeat. I would easily pay more for another service if I could get it. You don't realize how good you have it with some other companies until you have to deal with a company like Frontier.

See screenshots for best/worst tests.

Update 2/20/13:

Speeds were pretty close to 3Mbit down most of the time at first, then it just started going all over the place. Two people cannot share the line. If one person downloads something, your latency will shoot to 500+ ms.

DSL went down a few days ago due to the fact my line has been laying across the public road for over a month, even though I was assured the line would be buried within two weeks of the install. I called tech support, and even though my line was laying in the ditch, I appeased the CSR by going through all the troubleshooting steps. I was informed it would take FIVE days to get a service tech out to have it reconnected. Since it was going to take so long, and the service has been so horrible, I have officially disconnected my service and have went to 4G as my only source of internet.

I had already e-mailed our regional manager a month ago about getting some faster speeds, but that never went anywhere either.

Long story short, I am paying double what it cost for the DSL to keep some form of high speed internet, and I don't mind to do so because the experience with Frontier has been horrible. I would use 4G or satellite before I would ever go with Frontier for any services again.

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