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  • Location: Carbondale,Jackson,IL
  • Cost: $45 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Good off peak speeds and not much else"
Bad "Extremely High ping, Congestion, and Horrible tech support."
Overall "Oversold network, It's just not worth it."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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I signed up for frontiers 3Mbps/0.750Mbps Dry line DSL package for $40 a month plus a $5 modem rental fee. When we signed up they told us it would be on in 1-2 days. That never happened, we ended up waiting about 3 weeks with multiple calls to frontier wandering what the hell was going on. I'm not sure if there was a legitimate problem or that they just don't care.

Were I live frontier seems to suffer extreme congestion problems, starting at noon my speed slowly drop then about 7-10 it just dies completely with downloads as slow as 0.10Mbps. Then at midnight my speeds skyrocket to a constant 2.8Mbps. Overall I'm not very pleased and living in rural southern Illinois, I won't be seeing any upgrades for a long time.

I am no longer a Frontier Customer.

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Phone and internet service and customer service

I live in Berkeley Springs Wv and the only service available to me is Frontier and they are terrible. I have struggled with them since November trying to get my internet to work and my phone bill correct. They have over charged my for several months and never can get anything resolved. The internet only works half the time. I have searched for other companies and Froniter is the only one in our area. I would give them a F for service teh support and customer service. I did look up the Better Business and they dont meet the requirments so what does that tell you.



Re: Phone and internet service and customer service

Here in Utah they massively over sold their network in my area I called tech because they told me 6 months ago they would fix it anyway the tech guy that came out told me they had sold to over 180 homes and they only had 6 t-1 lines to run all of us and they wouldn't get any more until the weather was better Horrid you should fix lines then sell to customers they also told most new people they would get speeds up to 25mbit when they will never ever be able to offer more then maybe 3 with the new lines they are putting in