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Review by CAPThomas See Profile

  • Location: Mount Dora,Lake,FL
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Installation, Actual vs Quoted Speed, Field Technicians, No Contract"
Bad "Disconnects, Communication of Appointment Window from Sales to Technician"
Overall "Good value where there is little / no competition"

Until this month, I have not been able to get Internet service at my seasonal cottage in northern lower Michigan. Frontier just started offering dsl in my area. I called on Thursday, ordered their "Max" service of up to 6 MB service. They offered to mail a self installation kit, but I declined, stating that I did not want to have to climb the pole to run a drop, or to open their cable boxes to connect at the junction boxes at the street. I did not have wired telephone service or a drop.

I was told that they could schedule a technician to install, but it would likely be a week out, vs the three days I requested. After pulling the credit report and setting up the account, Sales advised that there was a 4 - 6 PM appointment available on Saturday, within two days. I accepted.

When I got to the cottage at 2:30 PM on Saturday, I found a card that the technician had already been there, could not install, and to call for a new appointment. I drove toward town to call and saw a Frontier Technician working at a box about three miles up the road. He agreed to return later Saturday and do my install. Interesting, he advised that the dispatch window given to him was noon - 3 PM and they they never worked past 5 PM.

He did a competent, neat install, explained what I was doing, showed me test speeds of 6.944/1.152, or more than the 6 MB ordered, and explained the receiver use and settings. I am only about 350 feet from their line to fiber box.

So - within about 50 hours of ordering, I was online with acceptable speeds.

I've found that the Model 7550 receiver drops the connection several times / day, but comes back promptly when I power it down / up. For me, this is a small price to pay considering that I was previously unable to get Internet or cell service at my cottage.

I've had a few speed slowdowns, which appear to be network congestion, and had a bit of difficulty setting up my vpn service, but otherwise all is good.

Overall, I'm pleased.


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