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Six Month Rating

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Review by yolarry See Profile

  • Location: Creston,Wirt,WV
  • Cost: $35 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast. Good Ping. "
Bad "Technical support needs a little improvement"
Overall "Better then Hughesnet"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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·HughesNet Satell..
When you live in the rural area you got no choice but to switch from dial up or satellite to DSL. Finally after waiting for so long to get off the train wreck of Hughesnet. This year frontier answer my prayers and installed fiber optic lines. I had trouble with costumer service with techs giving me the run around and does give me a decent progress or ETA unless I talk the engineers from the remote box that is like 500 feet from my home which they don’t see to have no clue either . So 3 months later I talk to Ree GM Social Networking person, and she was very nice and send our order and 2 day air ship the netgear modem/router before they put the signs up on the remote box. Next day different tech calls in and say that she does not see anything listed on her database so I told the person it’s already taking care of, and she was being rude about saying my modem can’t do anything unless I am having account. So I hung up and called the main office, and the guy said it’s listed but I can only get 8mbps but funny thing the engineer tech was testing and getting 18 mbps. So I thought I go ahead and try 8mbps with $20 bucks a month. I got sick of paying $74 to Hughesnet. Not like I can upgrade anytime right? So 10/3/2013 the modem/router finally arrived. Place the filters hooked it up. DSL light blinking. Called the tech and he put me on hold for like 30 mins, and he tells me my neighborhood is set for 7th but he notices my neighbor is having a date for Friday installation so he’s going to put a request to check my end and see whats going on while he’s at neighbors. I know the box got redone in 2007 when a lighting storm struck the NIC beside my house. The line from the booth to the pole and to the house got replace in 2005. So could be an issue with junction haven’t rig up for DSL.. So next day (Friday) tech goes to the neighbor’s house. So I went to visit and ask if he got anything for me, and he said not without order #. So called frontier and to request the work order #. I was in a rush to get it to the tech before he leaves but the lady wanted to talk me into signing up for dish for like 5 mins and I told her we will discuss that later sometime but keeps bragging about it. So the guy hooked me up and told me to reboot my modem/router and should be getting 7mbps. WOOHOO

Benefits I like about this like about my new $20 internet

- I can game. That’s the major flow on hughesnet I couldn’t deal with it

- Unlimited. Now I can video chat with my friends and family over skype

- Netlifx. I’m a huge fan ever since I stay at my brother’s house.

- Weather does not kill my connection unlike hughesnet.

I’m overall happy since this the first time in my life I have DSL. I wouldn’t complain much to frontier but they really need some better techs.

Thanks for taking time to read this review. I just happy to get out of Hughesnet.

Update 11/12/2013: Still running rock solid. some hiccups with a couple of down times but all is good. I went ahead and upgrade to the 12mbps package and everything went fine but still getting crappy upload speed (1 mbps). I download some games from steam with my new package and sometimes it was hitting 15mbps. wow. Also, I been trying to port forward ports for an MW3 dedicated server off steam, but no mater what I tried I can't seem to get it open ports (Nat Strict) I even tried to bridge with my Linksys E3000 and still not letting me.

Update 12/4/2013: still running great. No bad luck! I saw my uptime 20 days and look at the chart and downloaded over 200GB last month. of course I brought a bunch of games on steam and watching netflix in HD on my xbox 360. Took the time and finally do windows update on all my pcs. Ask the neighbor if they have any issues and they say it's running great too!

Total on my phone bill with both internet and landline month $82

Update 9/19/2014: About couple months ago thunderstorm struck my modem and my poor linksys E3000 no longer reads LAN ports expect 1. Lucky I had a extra modem that frontier accidentally sent 2. I have not yet report this to frontier. Also my linksys turn into a wifi repeater only now I notice some days netflix and gaming doesn't play well. I get lag spike. Oh well! anything better then Hughesnet. Might call them next week to see if bundle with Dish Network since I miss tv for ~5 years now. I don't miss the commercials but I do miss my shows.

Update 12/7/2014: So I recently bundle TV with frontier with Dish. I order the Hooper and 3 rooms. Of course. the installer didn't get the right order but we got straighten out. Today I was bored and thought I play some black ops II since Advance Warfare being buggy. Now Black Ops II gives you actual ping numbers.. I didn't realized how low it ever been. Normally I get 75 but I getting 56 each lobby I go to. I run a ping test and got a A instead C. 7ms of jitter. Google, Yahoo all came out 56 ping again.

So not sure if they upgrade recently or this could change..I hope not. Haven't test netflix and gaming same time yet.

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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..


Well, been close to 6 weeks since frontier started doing stuff in my area and after all the talk of us getting DSL. I have spoke with tammy(in parkersburg) several times and she's still saying "several weeks to go" but she said by the end of this year, everything will be complete(yeah, sure) I have'nt seen frontier do anything big down at the sub station in atleast 4 weeks now and there is snow on the ground already.

I guess 20 or maybe 40 more years of good old hughesnet. Hope frontier is treating you good atleast.
HT1000/ BeamID 32/ Power Max plan/ 4 pcs on a D-Link wired switch/ wireless D-Link router with password

Support only the gaming company's that matter the most, pay for something that actually is worth buying or has a good reason for how much it's worth.

Hazel Green, WI

lucky you i only got DSL no fiber yet

lucky you i only got DSL no fiber yet