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Review by muffy1986 See Profile

  • Location: Bruceton Mills,Preston,WV
  • Cost: $32 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "nothing"
Bad "everything"
Overall "avoid at all costs"
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I ordered the basic DSL package with speeds up to 7 MBPS. That "up to" is a bad bad thing, because the highest I have ever received was 3.x mbps, and that was prior to the Verizon buyout. When the internet is functioning, which isn't all that often, it's usually at 1 mbps or lower. Recently, throughout the day, the connection is down to 0.05 mbps, when we're lucky enough to have service. The service is down more than it's up, and they appear to be throttling many sites, like YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook. Unfortunately, this is the only company that will provide non-dialup internet service in this area due to the crazy oligopolies that exist, so I can't really get any other service.

The initial setup was surprisingly easy. I used to have Frontier service at my house and still had a router from them from my previous venture with them, so we were able to use that to have me online within about 6 hours of calling to have service set up. Service was wonderful for the first week, plugging along at speeds that honestly surprised me. It was only about 3.5 mbps, which was only half of their advertised 7 mbps, but with the "up to" they had thrown in the advertising, I wasn't going to complain. The only complaint I have about setup is that their website said that we could get business-class internet, but when we called to have it set up, we were told we could not. This wouldn't be an issue, except I do business that requires me to have a static IP. I've thankfully found ways around this for now, but we'll see how long that lasts.

Speeds were fairly consistent that first week, then service started to become patchy, and, at times, non-existant. We'd call customer service, they'd have us go through the process of resetting the router, running speed tests, etc., to no avail. Got really frustrating when we told them up front it was a neighborhood-wide outage. We'd even have a couple of the neighbors on the line for conference calls all saying here's the account numbers, none of us have service, please fix it. They didn't care.

Customer service phone calls to Frontier are dreaded at my house because the reps are almost always very snotty, disrespectful, not knowledgeable about anything to do with internet (they're obviously following scripts and have no clue how to think outside the box), and unhappy. There have been a few nice, upbeat, knowledgeable people, but they are few and far between. I can't complain about the techs who actually come out to fix line issues and whatnot in person, either. They're always friendly. But I dread calling the call center. Since we only have DSL and not phone service through them, they get uppity when we tell them that we don't know our phone number. Sorry but I'm not paying for extra services when you can't even begin to maintain the only one I have. They treat me like I'm stupid for not knowing the phone number, but technically, the only phone numbers I have are cell phone numbers, which wouldn't help them at all since they're in no way tied to the DSL account, other than as contact numbers.

In north-central West Virginia, Frontier apparently received a grant to alleviate bottlenecking. That was a couple of months ago, and the service is less reliable now than it was then. We've been told that our internet connection isn't functioning properly due to any number of things: a micro-tear in the fiber that is only affected during cold weather, oops that micro-tear affects the connection all the time, the internet halfways across the state is down due to a known issue (which they won't tell us what said issue is) and is causing issues in your area, the internet halfways across the country is down due to known issues and is causing issues in your area, there's static on your line, etc. They have literally used every excuse in the book instead of admitting that they're the ones at fault.

UPDATE 6/4/2014:

Speeds are getting slower and slower. There are numerous days where I'm getting 80% packet loss for hours at a time, if the internet is even running. Worst part is, if I call to have them send out a tech, they say that they can't put in a new ticket because of a common cause ticket that's been open since the middle of March. Yep, a ticket that's almost 3 months old is STILL open and unresolved.

My workplace put in a new contract to get the new fiber optic option that they are supposedly offering back in February, and they're already paying for it. I'm lucky if I can get a speed of 1 Mbps out of the network as is, and they have no ETA on the upgrade, yet it's already being paid for.

I can't watch Netflix, so I'm about to unsubscribe to that. Youtube videos are impossible to watch. Heck, even loading basic, mostly text webpages is nigh impossible.

I haven't mentioned the fact that I'm an avid online gamer, so I've got two MMORPGs that I'm still paying for subscriptions for just for the couple of hours I MIGHT be able to play in the morning, when I usually sleep since I work midnights. If I could get Frontier to pay me for my subscriptions I can't use, they'd be paying me more than I pay them right now.

Let's not forget the fact that my daughter has online homework that she has to do for school that she rarely can get done. Her school got a grant for an awesome website for kids to learn with, and none of them can utilize it at home because of the subpar internet. The teachers are all livid about this, because that was money they worked hard to get for the school, and now they feel like they've wasted it on something that none of their students can utilize. Let's not forget that I can't even access class letters from the teacher or grades online, like the state requires now. Thank goodness the teachers kind of gave up on that and still send stuff home cause they know how bad our internet is.

Wish that we didn't live in a rather poor area, cause if we didn't, I'm sure that Frontier would have a class-action suit against them over this idiocy.

So sick of this sub-par service, but we have no other choice. Although, I must add, it's pretty sad when my regular data connection (not even 3/4G, think it's considered 1G at best?) on my cell phone provides faster service than this crap they call "high speed" internet.

Ratings updated to include the fact that they're supposedly upgrading the lines, but there only seems to have been a downgrade.

Update 7/8/2014

So internet began randomly dropping a little over a week ago. Called tech support and they tried to give us a runaround about talking to a supervisor. Sorry, we called in three times prior that day with the internet dropping randomly only to be told that there was nothing they could do since it was back up and running when we called. Well, yeah, given that it'd go out for about 5 minutes and then be right back up, till we waited on hold, it was too late. So they promised us that there would be someone out last Thursday (July 3) at the latest. Call was made last Monday (June 30).

Took them a week to get a tech out here when they said it would take three days. Given that they only have two techs and one of them was on vacation in this area, I think that customer service should have been able to have seen the backlog and told us a more accurate date to expect a tech.

So the tech came out, fixed the issue (had a bad module where the line comes in), and things are working better now than they were.

Got info from the tech: the promised upgrade for my area doesn't even have an ETR right now. At least the next closest hub is getting an upgrade to be able to have up to 24 Mbps. Sadly, people off our hub can't get provisioned for higher than between 3 & 4 Mbps (of the 7 we're paying for, mind you) due to a bottleneck at the central office. No surprise there. But we are supposed to be getting an upgrade soon, but who knows how long that "soon" will take.

But as usual, the tech was awesome, as compared to everyone else that I've ever dealt with when I've called. Seems like my local techs are the only ones who care about customers.

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Morgantown, WV

Frontier is bad!!!

I agree! I also live in a rural area outside of Morgantown, and have the same issues and concerns. They have never provided the service they promised, but they have always taken our money. Never once have they reduced my bill because of outages (which happen all the time). In my opinion, they dont care about thier customers. Our local service technicians worked like crazy to make it the best they can, but they cannot fix the infrastructure. Frontier has to provide the resources to upgrade the infrastructure in our areas....which they don't appear to be willing to do. You can find the article on DSLR about WV having to give back a couple million dollars because they did not do what was required to set up their contracts for updating the infrastructure in rural areas. All of it is unacceptable.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
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Re: Frontier is bad!!!

Everyones experience is different, depends on where you live. I know of someone now that hates cable and loves DSL much better. I know of someone who loves satellite connection and hates DSL and cable/Fios. So it just depends on where you live and what type of user you are.

Our state made a big mistake on buying all that fibre, indeed but we truely needed it cause some of us were on very expensive connection and in need of change bad but in the end we got better deal with better/reliable connection and some of us didn't improve all that much. If your in a very rural area, chances are your never gonna get good deals or very good connection at all, just crap while most of everyone else using that same service are enjoying it.

said by muffy1986:

the fiber that is only affected during cold weather

There is no doubt with this. The fibre should've been buried to help keep it from getting effected by the cold. I spoke face-to-face with a technician what it was and it indeed was the fibre getting effected, he didn't know how is what he also said.

said by muffy1986:

Recently, throughout the day, the connection is down to 0.05 mbps

How far are you behind a terminal? The main reason why I get good service from mine is because i am just 200 feet behind one and we're the first ones so we get the ultra for that reason.
I hope your reading this papap. You were as kind, sweet and easy going person I ever met.
You no longer have to suffer from all the pain you had when down here on earth.
I love you.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise 8/9/45-11/21/13



Re: Frontier is bad!!!

Here the bottom line, frontier has grossly over sold there available band width, they will continually tell you they are upgrading there equipment in your area. this will not happen, I have heard this story for 18 months now, my biggest fear came true just after xmas. all the new xboxes, smart tv, hand held, lap tops, you know xmas gifts ate up what was left of the available band width.. Frontier claims know responsibility..they are not governed by the puco, so they don't give a shit. bottom line your screwed.. fight for rate reductions thats all they'll do..




Absolutely terrible. Want to watch any type of video? Forget it. A 30 minute show will take up to 2 1/2 hrs to watch. You can't leave it to load and come back because it will be in the exact same. Games are impossible to play.
The phone and internet are constantly blacking out for DAYS at a time. If you get hold of repairs, it is never Frontiers fault. One time they blamed AT&T. Another time it was due to a lightning strike. Even though there had not been a storm for several month prior to the blackout.
Save your money, go else where rather then with Frontier.

Plymouth, OH

frontier internet

I pay way too much money for 3mbps, it ended up being about $175/month. I would never even consider dealing with frontier again and would strongly advise that anyone who is thinking about getting this type of internet to STRONGLY think again!!!!!

Avondale, AZ

You don't have access to Comcast??

You don't have access to Comcast??


Morgantown, WV

Re: You don't have access to Comcast??

No we do not. We had a cite survey done last month, and it is not available in our area. Comcast is all around us, but not in our little pocket of heaven...LOL