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Review by nasfan24 See Profile

  • Location: Cambridge,Dorchester,MD
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Realiable, fast compared to the options available"
Bad "Monthly cost, tech. support (India)"
Overall "Nothing faster or cheaper is available."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:

i placed my order for direcway on a Thurs. evening online. i was called by the installer that same night to schedule the install. the installer arrived right on time, this was Tue. installation took about 3 hours. i have a roof mount. installer grounded my dish, and took time to show me the basics. i was up and running although slow. after taking the time to review post and tips at broadband reports my speed increased greatly. for me dial up is the only option, so satellite is great. i have only been out of service once during hurricane Isabel. i do not do any gaming, mostly surfing websites. all feedback suggest that it is not good for gaming. i have not had a problem going to secure sites either. my credit card, cell phone, ect.i do a lot of IM with aol and no problems. i find direcway to be a great system.

i continue to be pleased with my direcway dw6000. it is very reliable for me. outages are rare. as discussed in the forum i have experienced a signal drop after a direcway update. although i have not experienced any problems with that loss of signal yet. there is still no other option for me except dial up. i would recommend

this system to anyone without any other choice other than dial up. you should expect to have to tweak your system to get the maximum benefit.all the help you need can be found here at broadband reports


I am currently out of contract with Direcway. I continue to be pleased with my system performance. I have had very few outages that are not weather related. I current have these speeds as my average around 896 down and 52 up. Very pleased. I use only 1 tweak and that is TCP Optimizer. I was originally placed on Satmex5, I have been changed to Horizons1 for about 2 -3 months now. . Yes it was due to slow speed for about 1 month. I was able to get Direcway to correct the issue with a sat change. That was a smooth transition. My original installer was the one who came out to change my bird. I do believe that Direcway is oversold. For me I am still satisfied with my DW6000 performance.

I continue to be a happy Direcway customer. I have not had to call for support many times. When I have it was terrible. I had a hard time understanding the person on the other end. Speed is still fair. I have a DW6000 on the consumer account.

Download 30 Day Stats (Overall Average = 734 Kbps :: 90 KB/sec)
Upload 30 Day Stats (Overall Average = 43 Kbps :: 5 KB/sec)

I know not real great. I am happy with it though. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who have not had to deal with Direcway much. Although Wildblue is available to me I am going to stay with Direcway for now. Don't get me wrong if FIOS was to come my way I will jump on it in a heart beat. I have heard that a cable company called Bay Country Communications will be putting wireless internet to my area by the end of July. I will be checking it out to see if it is worth the jump.

Update 08-13-07

I continue to be happy with my DW6000. I have not taken the plunge to the DW7000 modem yet. I just can't justify the benefits at this time. System runs smooth 98% of the time. The remaining 2% is weather related.

Update 09-05-08

Well I am now using the HN7000S and I changed my plan to the Pro plan. I have better downloads and uploads then before. Heck it should be right. I am still happy with my HughesNet system. I did have speed issues recently. I got switched to a new transponder and it made a world of difference.

Update 9-22-09

I continue to be very pleased with my HughesNet system. I continue to get good download speeds and the upload isn't bad. I continue to only have Satellite, wireless or dial-up Internet available to me at my location. The wireless company is not very good at keeping their word, so I will not be going with them. I told them months ago, » , that I would go with their service. I have not heard back from them since. I have also been in contact with a customer of theirs and they are very disappointed. They are now awaiting the installation of Wildblue.

Anyway. if you only have HughesNet available, I say go for it. You may have to go through some tough times if you get on a bad bird or transponder. However you can get changed if you need to. You will need to document everything.

11-5-12 Update

I have upgraded my system to the HT1000 system. So far I am happy with it. The speeds seem to be better so far. Lets see how things go after it all settles down.

12-22-12 Update

I continue to be happy with my new Gen4 system. There was a time where my speeds dropped pretty bad shortly after the install. I was considering canceling the service. But since I upgraded there was no 30 day grace period to cancel. Here are some recent speed test I did. Of course they have to be done on the HughesNet speed test site so take the numbers with a grain of salt.

Forgot to post my latest speed test.

Date/Time Down(kbps) Up(kbps)
12/22/2012 15:40:44 10259 496
12/21/2012 18:28:56 8977 932
12/21/2012 18:27:46 10195 898
12/21/2012 18:26:24 9418 57
12/21/2012 13:31:34 9462 782
12/21/2012 13:30:52 8074 827
12/21/2012 13:30:09 8017 796
12/21/2012 08:19:17 7914 92
12/21/2012 08:18:38 2483 740
12/21/2012 08:17:30 3061 754
12/21/2012 08:16:38 9674 811
12/20/2012 19:16:27 5277 484
12/20/2012 15:32:39 9253 848
12/20/2012 15:32:01 9905 827
12/19/2012 18:11:47 8436 802
12/19/2012 18:11:07 10195 840
12/19/2012 18:10:28 6365 761
12/19/2012 18:09:45 9173 884
12/19/2012 18:08:53 2580 901
12/19/2012 14:08:51 7750 929

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Queen Anne, MD

Inaccurate statement.

You required an SLA or guarantee of speeds for your connection which we were not able to provide over a wireless connection. This had nothing to do with "keeping our word" and you should remove references to that from your review. This is a review for Hughes not Delmarva WiFi.