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Review by Piggie See Profile

  • Location: Fort Mc Coy,Marion,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Few any more"
Bad "FAP lasts 24 hours if you exceed your bucket"
Overall "This is currently the last resort of even the satellite companies. For some with their new policy, dial up still works as good."
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I just left Hughes.net today, Nov 30, 2006 for Windstream DSL.
I would suggest to anyone satellite that only has an option of slow dialup, in the 28.8 range. Anyone on fast dialup I am not sure what to tell you to do.

The three things I will not miss about Hughes.net.
1) FAP and Latency
2) Customer Service, equalled only by HP as the worst it can be then some, awful.
3) The price. I went from $70/month for Pro to $30/month for 3mbps DSL on Windstream.

Update May 2007 after the new FAP policy.

If I were you on a modem that could hit 43K or so, stay with that.
Their FAP policy is now totally user abusive. 24 hours of no internet if you exceed your allotment. Way way too big a penalty to be put on a user.
Their customer service continues to get worse, reading the forum since I left Hughes.

Now with the new FAP, the $60 account is about worthless. You need to consider a bigger account and if you can afford it, get the 1.2M dish and a business account.

Hughes is now so bad, it should be considered the worst ISP in the United States.

This is not only because of the new FAP, but when they changed it, they didn't inform one single user to be careful because after a 1/3 of your allotment you will be penalized with lower refill rates, nor did they tell people they were going to get 24 hours without internet until it happened to them.

Horrible way to run your customer service , just terrible.

Last thought. Had I still been on Hughes, when this new FAP started, I would have gone back to a second phone line and dialup, I kid you not.

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Hughes net in 2013

It looks like most of these comments are from 2007-08. We also previously had Hughes net at about that time and they were horrible! We now have Windstream -- the worst of the worst ever. We are getting kilobyte downloads and uploads. We've been knocked off the net 100 times in 2 weeks. We've filed a complaint with the FCC and the state PRC and discovered they have no power over ISPs for consumers -- there are NO regs for ISPs for consumers. Have been working with our Senator here in NM for over a year and making slow headway. The last communication from Windstream even suggested we look into satellite --the one with which they are connected -- Dish network.
Please let me know what Hughes is like now in January 2013. Thanks a bunch!

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL

Re: Hughes net in 2013

No idea, I left them in 2006. Windstream here isn't totally as bad as many places. I get .8 to 1.5 M at night on a 3m service. Still that is better than being on satellite.


i have considered upgrading to Gen. 4 , at the moment we have the cheap hughesnet package. if we try to watch 3 u tube videos in an afternoon we loose half our download speed. not sure what to do .

Jasmin Mendo

I just had the satellite set up today and only 10 mins after. i couldn't get online, the basic service is only up to 989 kbps..so slow i cant even post this comment without any interruptions. the basic plan is 39.99 plus 9 rental fee..i think this company is a ripped off and have a worse customer service. every time i call, i'm on hold for 20-30 mins!!


Just a reply about Hughes net. It's Jan. 2013 and Hughes hasn't improved at all from what I'm reading. I don't know technical talk, just that I keep getting messages on my computer about lost satellite signals, and no internet connection, even tho it says I do. Calling customer support is nothing but a bunch of apologies and suggestions to turn off the modem and restart, which I've done several times. I can't wait until my contract is up!!

Chi sha


worst service ever experienced

July 2012 when I got the service they said you can try for free if you don't like it you will get the full refund . Dial up is better than this, I called after two weeks,cancelled the service , ask for refund ,they told me to wait two weeks , I mailed all their equipment but never received the money back lost $400.00.



Run as fast as you can

This is horrible servivce.. Not only was I told "guarentted that I would get a min of 5MPS and 1mps upload. My bank was debited $160 without my persmission. I authoriezed a one time fee of $40 at time of set up but never authorized my acct to be auto deducted for any other charges monthly or otherwise. I even verified with sales person that this was a one time deduction and that I would be billed later.. A week into the service I decided to cancel I was informed by the manager VIctor that he was not going to give me a refund even thought they fraudulently took money from my acct he was refusing to give me a full refund. Now I am out $190 for Shitty service that I had for literaly 7 days and am getting ready to head to there legal dept.
and they have the nerve to ask you if you want an upgrade ..