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Review by zeddlar See Profile

  • Location: Jay,Delaware,OK
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Great download speeds and the only satt isp that works for some types of gaming including World of Warcraft."
Bad "Latency, but thas inherant of Satt. and the outsourced script reading tech support."
Overall "Best Satt dealer out there and considering the choices hughes is by far the best value."
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·exede by ViaSat
I tried WildBlue and was no even close to sattisfied. Since I have come back to Hughes I am even moderatly happy with their service. I am subscribed to the small buissness package because the bandwidth limit and speed are higher. I paid $800 up front for my equipment which includes all wiring, .98 meter dish, 2watt transmitter radio and an HN7000S Modem. The plan I am susbscribed to has a 500MB fap limit and the advertised spedds are 1500 down and 300 up, I usually get 2500 down in off peak hours and as slow as 800 down in peak hours on the download side and my upload is always between 200 and 250up.

all in all I am happy with hughesnet, I would have to say though that the thing that bothers me the worst is thier India based tech support and the scripts they give them to read off to you when you call.

Update 10/25/2010

I have since upgraded to the 9000 modem and KA system and am now very sattisfied with the service I get. My old service was degrading fast and unusable at times so I migrated to the new service and since then I get at least 70% of the speeds I am suppose to get and EverQuest and World of Warcraft are working good again.

Update 9/04/2011

Now paying for 2 Mb/s download speed and getting 3.9 to 4.2 Mb/s Have 50 Mb over my plan cap giving me 550 MB a day with the 5 hour free time it is now possible to download 50 or so GB per month so no complaints here at all now. Also hughesnet is suppose to soon make changes for the better on the Fair Access Policy and are working on improving thier tech support and in doing that the first step was to start thier own forum on thier customer care page with good tech participation so all but latency Hughesnet has improved by leaps and bounds with the future looking even better. Now if someone could just invent a way to get the signal to the satellite faster than the speed of light to improve the latency this could finally be classed as broadband maybe. =-)

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