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Review by lrymal See Profile

  • Location: Joaquin,Shelby,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "FAST! GEN4 I'm rural! No cell, no cable modem, no DSL. This is all I got!"
Bad "Latency (unavoidable due to it being satellite) may cause website timeouts"
Overall "No other options! So far, I'm delighted, for my purposes (no video gaming, etc.)"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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I have been on the new GEN4 and am extremely satisfied. My previous HughesNet averaged about 2500-3500 whereas GEN4 is NOW averaging 7000-10000. Upload speed is easily triple what I had with the previous HughesNet.

HughesNet contracts out with satellite installers, so one is at their mercy. My installer who scrapped my previous system and installed the new GEN4 was pleasant, competent, and explained as he went along. He didn't seem to mind my shadowing him.

Background here is very rural. No DSL, No cell signal, no cable modem. So far, I'm delighted, for my purposes (no video gaming, etc.) No video-on-demand. E-mail, Facebook, webpage content is the main demand here.

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just wondering never heard of anyone not being able to get even cell service , not even verizon services your area? I mean Verizon Wireless.

Thanks just wondering



Re: ?

Theres lots of ppl can't get wireless .

Joaquin, TX

No wireless

No cell phone signal here. No microwave... NADA. HughesNet is IT.