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Review by Tweakbl See Profile

  • Location: Rosedale,Gilmer,WV
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "The Speed,Faster then Dialup,slower then Copper/Fiber"
Bad "Their service,you got to keep after them to get something done."
Overall "If Dial up is your only option Hughesnet is the best provider."
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*****Updated - 12/11/2012*****

Updating my Review. Not to much has changed. Hughes has moved some Support personnel to the U.S.A. which is a good thing. However they still have support over seas. (Understand to that Hughesnet is Global and employ tons of folks from MANY different countries.) Indeed some of the most Brilliant Technicians are Employed by Hughesnet.

Gen4 has been released. Which promises faster speeds. However you will not have Freetime (2am to 7am) like you would on the Older Plans.You may wanna do as much research and educate yourself, before you leap. (like with anything)
Instead Hughesnet is rolling with a 10 Gig during Daylight (Anytime) 10 Gig during Nightime (Bonusbytes) type plan. OR a 10x2=20gig type plan. (Some plans are different on Total Bucket size.15x2 or 20x2 for example)
Gen4 promises to bring faster speeds. And indeed it is faster.

Most of my problems have been addressed with Hughesnet as far as Tokens and a Download meter are concerned,which is a more recent service that they now offer.

Also of issue is Field service installers that do less then what Hughesnet wants them to do in regards to Hooking you up,Improper grounding and such.

Service department has improved a little...maybe the practice of speaking english has helped them.
I was away for about a year and basically forfeited my contract.$250 later for early termination,I am back and hooked up on the 7000's system via the Obama stimulus plan.No 9000 for me,but the 7000's seems to get it all done just as good.

Tokens are now available and are purchasable for those that FAP out (Yeah it stand for Fair Access Policy or F.A.P.) This is Mega handy.
They now have a Download manager available for the limitations of Hughesnet.
They now have a usage meter to for you to avoid the FAP.

Its still NOT DSL over landline,the limitations are still there,(Latency and Usage Limits),but it is a bit more tolerable with the proper tools and knowledge.
You CAN play World Of Warcraft on this connection but the latency is up and down alot.
You will NOT Youtube or watch your Porn (Just to put it out there) with it without problems.Not a media streaming connection by any means until 2am to 7 am for the free period.

You have to be smart and plan your downloads accordingly,as it is a shared connection,more so then a land based type of connection.

If your interested in Hughesnet. You can go over here and talk at the folks in this forum to help get you started. » ··· t/topics

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j hughes

terrible hughesnet service

I completely agree with the negative comments about Hughes net satellite service. I have been a customer for the past 3 yrs and my service has never been what it was advertised to be. They claim download and upload speeds that dont even come close to what they charge you for. In fact, I received a letter in the mail about a class-action lawsuit over the very same issue. I am switching to Exceed soon and I will do 4 speed tests from different providers to verify their speed. If it isn't what they claim it is, they will pack up their junk and get if off my property. Hughes net has burned me good and I am no longer a fool to claims on internet speeds. If you need customer service, good luck with that as well. You will need a translator to understand the foreign accent their technicians speak with. I not asking for the full download or upload speeds, but I will not settle for any less than 70% of what Exceed claims to offer. Whatever you do, do not get Hughes Net Satellite service for any reason. You will be much better off with dial up service because that is the speed you will probably get and the price will be far more reasonable.