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Review by pistachionut See Profile

  • Location: Waverly,Wood,WV
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Rural availability"
Bad "Download Cap, Price"
Overall "Satisfactory alternative, do your research"
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UPDATE: 3-10-13

Just streamed a VOD HD movie through DirecTV last night, didn't stutter once. Yeah it eats a large chunk of the monthly allowance but I was impressed. Just another testament about how far satellite internet has come over the years.

Dec. 8, 2012:

Decided it was time to update this as the original review was many years old and hinged from the initial days of the 7000 series service. Currently using Gen4.

Satellite service is demonized but if you know what you are getting into with some research then your expectations wont be ridiculous.

Is this comparable to Fiber Based? No. Is this comparable to Cable Based? No. Is this comparable to DSL based? No. Is this comparable to Cell Based? Loosely.

Satellite is considered as a last resort service, and it is marketed as such by the companies themselves. If you live in town and get pissed at your cable/phone provider, this is not your solution.

First, it is expensive. Plans generally range from $50.00 to $130.00, depending on if you bundle with a satellite TV provider, speeds wanted and data allowance...and that cost is pre-tax and pre-lease. These guys are just like your cable and phone companies. They advertise one price but hide the actual price in modem lease and other bogus fees. So plan on your final cost being 10-15 dollars higher than the advertised price.

Second, latency is not your friend. If you are reading this and frequently visit this site then you are probably more tech savvy than the average Internet user and know exactly what I mean. Pings are going to range from 750 to 2000+ consistently. Good for online gaming? No. Good for VOIP phone? No. Skype? No. You get the idea (compare to fiber/cable/dsl where good pings can be 40 or lower).

Third, you'll be agreeing to a contract (24 months)...UNLESS you want to pay substantially more for your intial hookup and purchase your equipment. Last I checked Hughes still offered this method and it would drop the 10 dollars a month lease off your monthly bill.

Fourth, data allowance. Think that cable companies 250 GB cap is ridiculous? Try 20 or 30 gigs, and even that is split between anytime and "bonus bytes" available for use in a 2AM - 8AM window.
Basically the plan I am on gives me a total of 30 gigs. I have 15 gigs to use whenever I please. I have another 15 gigs for use during the 2-8AM window. If I exceed the 15 gig bonus bytes it starts digging into my anytime data. If I hit all 30 GB 10 days into my current month, tough cookies. I either deal with the drastic speed reduction til reset or I can purchase restore tokens for some extra data allowance. While not crazy expensive, they are still a slap on the face for what little data you get for the price.

Fifth, speed. My currently download speed SHOULD be 12mb down. Do I get this speed? Rarely, if ever. Speeds range from 150K to 10M in my speed tests so far. But they are consistently higher that what I received on the 7000 and 9000 series.

Just sounds horrible, right? Why on earth would you ever get this monstrosity?? Lets explain some good stuff.

First, while expensive it is cheaper than ever before. Initial startup costs can be virtually zero dollars with mail-in rebates and "ever present" sales. The first time I installed satellite it cost over $400 day one. Now you can get it done for $50 or less.

Second, latency. While the pings are high, they are better. So far on GEN4 im seeing pings staying below 1000, whereas before it was usually above 1000 and often 2000.

Fourth, data allowance. They aren't great, but they have improved. You are getting more data for the price now, and the adoption of tokens is a good, if expensive, way to still use your service if you accidentallly download that huge file because you left your computer on overnight, etc. There was a time this was not an option (you hit the cap? too bad - deal with it till the reset)

Fifth, speed. They are higher, and more consistent, and work better with the newer technology. My first satellite connection was 500k, now it is 12M, there was a time I thought Id never get these speeds.

Basically people do your research and set realistic expectations with satellite internet service. It has its niche and place, and If you understand what it is and what it's for you wont come on here and give it a 0% review because you thought it was like cable/fiber/dsl when you moved from the city to the country.

One last thing. And this is a pro, remember that super derecho back in late June, did massive damage and all that. My satellite was still working. Didnt have to wait on the utlities to fix thousands of miles of lines.

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Post Falls, ID


I as well am impressed with Hughes Net I have never had issues with the service. About a month ago I downloaded Windows 8 and the download only took 25 minutes for 2GB