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Review by george357 See Profile

  • Location: Hot Springs,Madison,NC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Much faster than Dial-up, available in where no other potions are."
Bad "Little slow during peak time, minor weather outages, a little expensive."
Overall "IF you have no option other than dial-up give it a shot"
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My Other Reviews

I have had the HughesNet internet service since Aug. 21st 2009. I got the pro+ plan which gives an advertised 1.6mbs download and .25mbs upload for $79.99 a month. I get these speeds 19 hours a day with know problem, I get slowdowns between 6pm-10pm eastern time which are related to the increased usage of the system during that time. I have had only minor weather related outages since I got the system and when I do my satellite TV is usually out as well, just the nature of satellite communications. There is no way I would ever consider going back to dial-up but I would not hesitate to upgrade to a different type of provider either. DSL, FIOS, Cable, or a good Cellular plan is definitely going to be better than satellite but if you don't have those options then HughesNet is the way to go.


August 2 2010 Update:

Still using Hughesnet as it is the only solution available to me where I live other than dial-up. I am still very pleased with the service for what it is. I still highly recommend it if you can not get anything else and I recommend it over any of the 3g because of the caps on 3g. I attached a screenshot showing my actual download speeds during peak time this is right around average for me. Make sure you get a good install!!!

April 11 2011 Update:

I am still using Hughesnet and I remain very happy with the service. It is a little on the expensive side and has some inherent issues in the technology but if you do not have a terrestrial-based option available then I just do not think you can get anything better that Hughesnet.

July 21 2011 Update:

I just qualified for DSL through my local phone company and no longer use the Hughesnet service. I wanted to add that in the full two years I was with Hughes I had no problems whatsoever that were not related to the limitations of the satellite service. additionally I called the Hughes support once in the entire two years, about 10 minutes ago to cancel my account. The cancellation process went very smoothly and I expect no additional problems. As I have stated many times if you have no access to anything but Dial-up, Hughesnet satellite internet is the way to go, just make sure you understand the way it works and the limitations and you should have few to no problems.

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