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Review by chances14 See Profile

  • Location: Imlay City,Lapeer,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "better then dial up"
Bad "FAP and Latency which are the norm for satelite"
Overall "If you have no other options, hughes is a good alternative"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

As a person who had been stuck on dial up for years, I am very happy with my service. The FAP is a drag but is something that you just have to deal with. Luckily, they have a FAP free time between 2am and 7am every night to allow you to download large files. I would recommend a download manager if you do want to get up at 2 in the morning to download. If you are a gamer however you will be very disappointed with this service as the latency is terrible, which is unavoidable in satellite. I would try avoiding tech support as they are some of the worst in the business, and just look on the hughesnet forum on here if you are having problems. More often then not, you will find the solution to your problem there.

The number one thing i can say is just do your research beforehand and know what

you're getting into with hughesnet. many of the bad reviews are from people who did not do research and were taken by surprise with FAP and Latency. i cannot stress enough to especially gather info on what to look for in a good installation, as that is the root of the problem in many cases of people who have had bad service. If you know what your getting into and what to expect, you will be very happy with hughesnet.

UPDATE: 12/20/2011

I was finally able to get a good signal at my location from my local WISP so i am no longer with hughesnet. But just some closing comments. Since i first posted this review, i had seen dramatic improvements in download speeds. I am on the old 1mb home plan but i was receiving speeds in the 2.5 to 3mb range. Along with the increased speeds, hughesnet introduced a rollover allowance where you can rollover any unused download allowance up to double your normal plan allowance.

One complaint that i have is that the latency has become increasingly high, even for satellite. When i first got hughesnet a couple years ago, normal pings would run at 800-900ms. Lately, however it's been up in the 950-1000ms range. I would attribute this to their satellite becoming increasingly crowded. Also, speeds during peak hours of 5-9 pm est have been slower than when i first signed up. But these problems should ease a bit once hughes launches their new satellite in mid 2012.

Overall, i was pleased with my experience with hughesnet and i would still recommend it to someone that has no other alternatives.

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