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Review by Kaosfury See Profile

  • Location: Altavista,Campbell,VA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "You are able to get High Speed IUnternet as long as you have a power outlet and the proper view of the sky."
Bad "Quality of Service and information rely heavily on Sub contracted companys / installers."
Overall "Fantastic for folks who have no reasonable DSL or Cable in there area."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This is from a Installers point of view,

Quality of Service and overall Satisfaction rides heavily on the sales people who set you up with the pricing plan and features...... if they have no scruples or any honor, than they leave out the part about Fair Access Policy, and other negative aspects of the service. When you find out, its already installed and you rightfully angry.

Or, if a installer uses un-approved materials, or does not treat his job as a Technicial Trade. i'm not saying what we do is rocket science. But 5 more minutes to peak the signal... or 10 minutes to squint correctly can make the difference.

Hughes the company its self, in my opinion is pretty straight foreward..... i get sent to peoples homes for repair work, when they just dont understand latency and there is no real problem, and Hughes payes the company that payes me.

to summerize,

Hughes Net is a fantastic internet service provider, that has made it possible for people to stay in touch when the city / county refuses to run wire to your neighborhood because your not rich.

you want a great experience.

Double check what the salesman say........ watch the installer at 10 minute incriments ( installers only get mad when you watch if they are un-sure of there skill ). now dont get in the way, but ask a few questions.

Do this... and your install will go well, and all will be well.

P.S. if you have a good installer, some one that goes the extra mile to make sure you have the experience you want, Ex. hides the wire.... clips it to look good..... uses his head and hides the ground block connections, for the love of god, show your appreciation and tip. Five dollars will feed his soul and let him know you appreciate the fact he dove under your home, in the dirt..... with the spiders.... to get that cable exactly where you want it.

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