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Review by ford8nlover See Profile

  • Location: Beaverdam,Hanover,VA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Consistant speeds near or above advertised speeds, reliable connection, a good option if no alternatives are avaliable"
Bad "Not as fast as DSL or cable but that is expected"
Overall "If no other options are avaliable in your area then HughesNet is for you"
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My Other Reviews

·exede by ViaSat
Other than dial up I have no other options and signing up with the Recovery Act pricing at $40 per month you can't beat that! HughesNet is best for those with no alternatives in rural areas. I was installed with the HN 9200 system and am very satisfied with the speeds and reliability. With satellite internet you have to understand and cope with the limitations including the FAP. Satellite internet is not unlimited nor is it as fast as cable. If you understand these limitations and understand that in rural areas you can't expect the same internet usage limits and speeds as our urban neighbors then you wouldn't see as many negative reviews on satellite internet. Thanks HughesNet for providing this service to the under served.

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Jacksonville, OR

A well-balanced review but...

I agree that satellite users need to adjust expectations; this is not real broadband. Nonetheless, Hughes continues to sell its Basic plan as offering speeds up to 1mbps. I have used Hughes for 8 years and have never gotten close that speed. Until recently, downloads topped out in the 130-180mbps range. These days I sometime see speeds up to ±300kbps, especially during the FAP-free period. Tech support is usually extremely poor unless you get the case escalated to a US technician.