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Review by Sarentack See Profile

  • Location: Ocean Springs,Jackson,MS
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Only thing available where high speed is not available, although its still weak."
Bad "Just about everything"
Overall "Avoid it if you can"
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My Other Reviews

Not only is it $60 (which is twice the much of high speed services that are many many times faster), But its $60 and you are limited to 250 MB a day, exceed the 250 MB a day and you got the option of paying $5 for a token to gain additional 250 MB for that day or deal with 56k speeds. Basically they are trying to leech more money for an already over priced internet service.

The connection rate for this service is real spotty, theirs times many websites refuse to load or load real slowly at 56k rates even though the 250 MB Bandwidth has not been exceeded. Often have to reset the modem which is huge for a modem, much like the satellite dish. But whats suppose to be 1.5 MB speeds is more like 100-200 KBPS speed, ping rates are rarely under 1000.

You better be desperate and ready to waste money if you get this service.

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Gaithersburg, MD

That's not my experience at all

Sarentack - there's a lot more going on with Hughesnet these days. If I go over 250, I first use my free token or the extra one that rolled over from the day before. Yeah, sometimes I can't get to a website too but that's just temporary. Right now I'm in the mountains on Hughesnet working off my iPad and I'm enjoying it



Re: That's not my experience at all

I had the same crappy service from Hughesnet... So many better options. Even if I didn't go over the limit the Internet was always slow. Had enough time to go use the bathroom, get something to drink and return to watch it finally open the website I needed. And I wasn't even living out in the middle of nowhere at the time!

Lumberton, MS

Re: That's not my experience at all

Hughesnet suppose to offer 1.5 service, according to speedtest.com I was seeing DL rate of something like 0.33 with 0.16 upload.

far off from the advertised 1.5

I must say their tech support service is funny and a huge joke, probably one of the worst tech support services I ever encountered. With most of the calls going to India.


Re: That's not my experience at all

speed test sites are not going to give you an accurate measure of your speeds because of the compression algorithms that are exclusive to satellite internet connections. most speed test sites are not designed to handle those algorithms and thus will give you inaccurate results.

your best bet for a speed test is to use hughesnet's but since i know that you think hughesnet is out to get you, i doubt you'll trust their results. so in that case the only way to truly test your speed is to download an actual file off a website and watch the speeds you are getting during the download. i would recommend a site like filehippo, where they have dedicated servers and will give you the most optimal downloading conditions

Vinemont, AL
I totally agree with all the negative comments above. When I signed up for HughesNet almost 7 years ago I didn't see anything in my contract about "fair access policy." After I researched it I found that HughesNet had greatly oversold their high speed capability and the only way they could keep up with the excessive number of customers was to come up with a policy limiting how much high speed you get each 24 hours. Their service has been pathetic and if you read the review I just posted you can see a lot more about what I have had to deal with. HughesNet sucks!

Vinemont, AL
Hughesnet Sucks!