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Review by valenciadude See Profile

  • Location: Aptos,Santa Cruz,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "usually better than dialup"
Bad "sometimes just like dialup, or even worse"
Overall "this is a last resort ISP"
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I had the 1mbps plan. I would have been okay with half or third of this. Sadly, 50kbps was the norm and that isn't all that different from dialup. Actually worse...dialup latency is better.

My biggest complaint that the plan you order has nothing to do with the bandwidth you get. I mean, at least I can't see how it's acceptable to get 50 kbps when I'm paying for 1 mbps. If that is the norm, it was never explained in advance.

I did use dialup before I ordered hughesnet. Dialup is worse than no internet at all, it is. Hughesnet was worth having, but just barely.

I am now getting DSL. I didn't realize it was available at my home (AT&T said it wasn't available). Out of desperation, I looked into the price of a T1 via Megapath and they offered me DSL. So...goodbye hughesnet! Yay!

7/6/2012 UPDATE:
Megapath turned out to be slimeballs, telling me just what I wanted to hear but unable to deliver. I just kept checking AT&T's site every month until finally I got approved. This might be a case of AT&T's disorder working in my favor. Who knows why they finally approved my address (no changes to my area AFAIK). I got 768/384 DSL from AT&T now, their slowest package but so much nicer than HN.

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Queen Anne, MD

Good Luck

Megapath is only a reseller of the LEC and they always say you can get DSL even when you can't. Hopefully you can get it.

Aptos, CA

Re: Good Luck

I'm starting to realize this. Uhg.