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Review by CountryGirl See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
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Overall "Avoid Hugnesnet or You'll be sorry"
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My experience with Hughesnet has been a total waste of time and money. I tried to do a work from home side business, but my Hughesnet connection was very unreliable and way too slow. Forget about online gaming, streaming music, or videos.

I called Hughesnet about the problems I was having, and got a person overseas who barely spoke English. They told me that I just needed to upgrade my modem. I upgraded my modem and decided to go with the pro plan as well. Both didn't make much of a difference. Now I'm stuck with another extended contract, and nothing has made much of a difference. I'm about to loose my internet completely, because the hills we have are in the way of the satellite. I called Hughes again and they pretty much gave me the birdy. They told me that I would have to pay some outrageous early termination fee if I cancel early even though I can't get service.

We have broadband coming soon to my area, and can't wait to take my satellite dish with me to target practice.

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