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Review by asdjf See Profile

  • Location: Moorefield,Hardy,WV
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Somewhat functional as a backup isp"
Bad "Bad service and they tried to scam me"
Overall "Avoid unless you have to have it"
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We got this as a backup in a location that had very little choices where constant net access was vital. To be fair, it does do that.

Now then, on the third time they called to reschedule the install because this satellite ISP inexplicably did not have any satellite dishes, I told them that the only reason I was signing up was for the Gen4 service they just rolled out and would I be getting that. HughesNet told me that I would be upgraded for free as soon as it was out for no charge, and that the equipment they were sending me would work fine. Fast forward a couple months and now they tell me I need new equipment, another installer to come out, and it would be a $200 fee to upgrade.

This is of course breach of contract and I am considering filing a lawsuit. In addition to all this, the speeds are horrendous, 20% of the time when you click a link it just brings up an error talking about satellite problems, and the satellite dish is this big ugly thing that they had to put right in the middle of my front yard and demanded the landlord cut down one of the most beautiful trees in the backyard so it could get a good signal.

The few times my DSL ISP went down this service was a lifesaver, and yet they are easily the worst ISP I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

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Not laughing


Displeasure with Hughes Net

I live in tne country so my options are limited. I havehad HughesNet for almost a year now. If it doesn't rain, is cloudy or snows! It has been down at least once a week since I had it, except for the last five months I have not been able to use it. In dispear, I am now using Verison Wireless and am very pleased with it. However, I am still having $65.00 a month deducted from my bank account every month. The reason I did not drop the service is a woman I work with had all the bad service I experienced and she called them and cancelled her service. The next day they zapped her bank account for $400.
Between outages, time they said I used too much (I work 10 hrs. a day) Between the hour drive home and 8 hrs. sleep, I must really be pounding it out!
I will be glad when my contract is up.
Nothing they advertise is true. How can they get by with it. I am considering the Ohio Atty. Gen. because my neightbor recently changed from Direct TV to Dish and asked the technician about installing HughesNet for internet service. The technician told him that HughesNet did not work in this area. It was a joke. I wish the tech. that installed HughesNet for me would have been that considerate. I'm a widow. I draw social security and still have to work. I really do not appreciate being scammed.



Re: Displeasure with Hughes Net

hughesnet is a great service, i don't care what you say!


How well the system works all depends on the installer. We've had Hughes for 5 years and 0 problems. Dish TV will go out in a storm quicker than internet.



Terrible Service

First don't even consider this unless you have no other options!! I have been a customer for many manyyears living in the country we have no choices.
THE icing on the cake is some salesperson gets me back into a two year contract with them with the promise that GEN4 is going to allow me faster service...enough to download movies and just overall better service. It is -0- ZERO percent better.......I HATE this company!! When I call...ususally they have such thick accents I cannot understand them--never follow through with tech support at myhome...........They are horrible



Ended HughsNet after 3 months and it was worth every penny.

After three months of frustration with poor (slow and spotty) internet service, hours of wasted time talking to India and Pakastan (think 'Hi, my name is Mary"), I put the end to the pain, paid out $370 in cancellation fees, and had Excede come put up a replacement dish/service. The icing on the cake was that it took me two calls and 30 minutes to cancel my service and i was then told it would cost a hundred bucks to have a technician come take the HughsNET stuff off the roof. I had the replacement service technician do it for free. I look forward to putting this stuff in a box and sending it back. The difference in both the customer service aspect (5 minutes on the phone to set up, schedule, etc. 2 days wait before the tech could come, etc) and the internet speed cannot be believed. End your pain, switch off HughsNet and onto anything you can....the $400 fee is worth it. Heck of a business model isn't it....suck them in, sign them up for a 24 mo contract, provide crappy service, no tech support, make them cancel, pocket the fee, put their equipment on someone elses roof, do it again.....keeps the equipment costs down.




Hughesnet has to be the biggest liars allowed to do business in the US. How they get away with telling customers one thing and not following through is beyond me. I, too, am considering a breach of contract lawsuit. Their "customer service" is dubious and unreliable. Go anywhere else. Just do NOT go to Hughesnet unless you want to fight tooth and nail to get what they promise and then it probably still won't happen.