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Review by ecoalex See Profile

  • Location: San Andreas,Calaveras,CA
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I waited for Hughes Gen 4,then after early info from Exede,which was bad;only 5Mbs speed,7500 Gbs monthly allowance,I chose Gen4;10Mbs speed,10Gbs FAP.While comparing ,Exede was cancelled for my area.

I got the Power package,which is $62/Month.

The Hughes sales Rep said there was roll over of unused bandwidth(False) also she said Hughes would slow me down to 5Mbs if I exceeded 10Gbs in a month.With my service slowing to as low as .22 every evening,I'd love to get 5Mbs.The installer did a good job replacing my Wildblue dish with the Gen 4 dish.He was fast and knowledgeable.

I have the Hughes HT 1000 modem

Customer service in the beginning was good,as was the speeds all day,for 2+ weeks,then nite speeds slowed down.In the Hughes forum the Rep said they would look into my slow nite speed,but Customer service when called, said "heavy usage slowed service".I don't like the overly apologetic foreign customer service.Also they repeat the same rote of phrases ad nauseum,while saying yes, service is terribly slow in the evenings,it's the way it is.

Hughes did restore full FAP after a service disruption.I found this refreshing.

The "game" is to dwnload large files in the early morning before 8 Am, (bonus bytes) or before 12 Pm,when the service starts to slow down.

Once you know how to use the service , I rate it good for speed if you play the "game".

It does irk me to see Gen 4 Ads on the Tv with dial-up speeds in the evenings.due to heavy customer usage.

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