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Review by ivordurham See Profile

  • Location: Parlier,Fresno,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Gen4 is a speed improvement"
Bad "No current Gen4 plan has a static IP option and you cannot go back to Gen3"
Overall "Caveat emptor!"
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Tech Support:

A client of mine needed higher bandwidth and upgraded their HughesNet service to the new Gen4 PowerMax plan without checking whether or not their static IP address would survive. It didn't and in taking the order Hughes did not alert them to this. Only dynamic IPs are available with Gen4 now. Hughes says they are "working on it" but don't have a committed schedule for static IP availability. Worse, after you have been upgraded, Hughes has no protocol for restoring the previous Gen3 service. They did offer a modest discount on the service for three months, but that does not restore the functionality that depended on port forwarding which in turn depended on the fixed IP address. So being in a sufficiently isolated location not served by DSL or Cable, my client is in a tough spot. There is one fixed-wireless provider in the area which has service plans that include a static IP address, so that may be an alternative. However, while the price for the equivalent of Gen3 bandwidth is virtually a wash, pricing for Gen4 equivalent bandwidth is significantly higher and currently out of reach for them. Caveat emptor!

P.S. Having asked about static IP addresses with Gen4 on the Hughes community forum I replied to my own post with the information that they have no static IP solution and that you cannot downgrade again, so beware. Hughes removed the post "to keep the discussion focused on solutions". i.e. They censor anything that doesn't reflect well on them and could prevent another customer from getting into difficulties.

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Reidsville, NC

question static vs. dynamic with HughesNet

Quick question: If I use an email application on my mac called "Mail" to access (send and retrieve email through) my gmail account, are you saying that if I changed from HN9000 static IP to Gen4 dynamic IP that I would no longer be able to send and retrieve email to and from gmail as I currently do through my mac application? Furthermore, would my ability to upload and download via a ftp application to a remote server where my web site is hosted be affected as well? Sorry to ask what may be elementary questions. Thank you.

Queen Anne, MD

Re: question static vs. dynamic with HughesNet

The answer is no. Ask your questions in a forum, not a review.