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Review by tglass See Profile

  • Location: Riverside,Riverside,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Adequate for surfing the web, e-mail and other lower demand tasks."
Bad "Download caps and time restrictions. Expensive for what you get."
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My son lives in rural Arkansas so satellite is the only available service. To me it is expensive, for 6MBPS service it's about $70 per month. In California I pay $60 per month for service of 24MBPS download with no cap that I am aware of. It comes bundled in a package which includes TV with all the premium channels and phone service for a total of $170 month.

With Hughes we can only upload/download 10 Gigs per month and if exceeded it chokes to dial up speed and then we have to buy tokens @ $5 per 500MB to restore hi speed service. When at home I watch alot of live streaming video but I can't do it here or I'll use up my sons allotment in a matter of few days. They do have a free period that runs from 1:00 am till 10:00 am locally, but with live streaming I have to watch while it's on not when the isp lets me.

The weather here can be very bad to outright killer. So as you try to get info on severe storms or tornado watches in your area the service drops out due to heavy rain or snow.

I have had to call customer service on several occasions and I must say every agent I have spoken to was professional and knowledgeable. In each instance my problem was resolved on the 1st call. Also the hold times were not outrageously long.

Bottom line is if it is the only game in town you gotta go. But I would certainly research alternatives for both price and performance.

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