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Six Month Rating

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Review by TheTechGuru See Profile

  • Location: TEXAS
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Provides You With 5mbps/1mbps Internet Service In The Middle of Nowhere"
Bad "Click Lag Due To High Ping Times, Monthly Bandwidth Cap, Overpriced"
Overall "Get Any Terrestrial Based Internet (other than dial-up) Service First, Last Resort Only"
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Sales failed to mention that you are put behind a NAT router and get no public IP address which is causing VNC/RDC problems for me.

Assignments that would take 15 min on a terrestrial based connection are taking 60 to 90 minutes because clicking to the next question takes 30 to 90 seconds to load vs the 2 to 5 seconds it would take on a terrestrial based connection.

Download and upload speeds of files are near advertised values, streaming works fine.

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so sorry


hughes internet service

run run run from hughes net slow service...bad customer service.....I purchased my own equipment and my contract said I would get a $200 refund if I sent the equipment back if I cancelled my service with them after 2 years, well I served my time and now I was told " they changed their policy on this" what a bunch of cheats

Hughes sucks


Re: hughes internet service

You forgot one:
* Pray that it doesn't rain. It doesn't work in the rain. The salesmen will tell you it works in all but the most severe storms ("... and Skype will work great, and it will be really fast!"). Then, when you call tech support because it's been sprinkling for 3 weeks straight and you can't access the Internet, they'll tell you (in barely legible English), "You should expect problems in inclement weather."


I've had similar horrific results from Hughes... I got some discounts up front for signing up for a 2 year contract and was lucky enough to extend it for another year. One month ago tho, they downgraded me tremendously... i get less than 500kps downloads.. and lucky if I get 100mgb/day while I'm on a 250mgb plan. I've talked to their India customer service over 6 times now and it's the most frustrating experience I've ever had... even their technical support is a joke... the rep there asked me and repeated my correct phone # THREE TIMES.. obviously stalling for something... and trying to talk to a supervisor - forget it.
BUYER BEWARE... all is good for the first couple years but after that you're stuck with equipment and VERY SLOW downloads. I'm switching to Verizon's jetpack... as several others have had good luck with that.

I have an HN9000 system....