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Review by garynburk See Profile

  • Location: Powell,Delaware,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "Best available of several very poor options"
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We have HughesNet Gen4 Business account, best available package. $174/month for 20GB anytime, 25 more GB between 2am and 6am
The order process was somewhat obtuse but the install went as described and worked fine

There are frequent service interruptions, often very slow speeds (~1mb/sec), infuriating boiler plate tech support.
HughesNet does offer "tokens" to buy extra capacity at a high price ($8/GB), meaning we usually must spend $64-$80 extra/month.
Until last month, buying tokens was an awful, several hour experience with telephone tech support. Their online purchase system does not work,
replying that we are not authorized to buy tokens. By telephone we must suffer through first a human robot reading a script that asks if we are
having bad weather? are we sure of that? have we rebooted? will we turn off their interface and let them do tests, etc, etc, etc. Eventually, after being switched to
2 or 3 other tech support people, we are allowed to buy the tokens and the wait.

The HughesNet service is slow, limited and unreliable. I'd advise it only as a last option.

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