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Six Month Rating

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Review by genlee See Profile

  • Location: 54631-0008
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "Don't do it you will regret it"
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I haven't been with HughesNet very long 1 month and 13 days and it has cost me over over 200.00 the 1st month was only 54.07 and the next 13 days cost me 125.00 and I cancelled it today and now they said that I will still owe them an additional 48.02 I only purchased 1 bonus token during this time and had to up the service plan twice within this time I did not know anything about "Data Usage" and boy did I find out fast. We stream media through different devices throughout our home and movies, music, and I have a small PC repair business that I am constantly online getting patches, software, etc. for doing my business. Well needless to say I did work on a lot of the PCs during this time they were always limiting my usage I found it easier to go to a free wi-fi business to do my business. By the way the 125.00 was for 14 days of service no bonus time or anything. Stay away from Hughes if you can.

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Hughes net sucks!

I've had it for almost two years and I can't wait until the contract is up. I had dial up before and this is just as SLOW! At 90.00 some dollars a month I call it highway robbery! My sister has internet through com cast and most of the time I have to go to her house if I need to update anything, and with hers it only takes a second or two. I live back in the sticks and at the time besides dial up this was my only option. Im sure there is something else out there now that I can get if not dial up is a lot cheaper, and it's just as fast!!