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Review by Kemper See Profile

  • Location: Eddyville,Lyon,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "I'm online"
Bad "No online gaming or streaming movies"
Overall "Better than nothing. "
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I pay $60 a month, bought my equipment so I save $10 a month. Surfing is fine, Facebook, web pages I can even get on Xbox Live and download updates and download game content, but the big draw back is latency. Way to high to play games against others. It's better than nothing though and for rural households with few options it's not so bad. I would kill for real high speed Internet though.

Installation was simple and installer was very professional. Ours doesn't go out unless weather is just really bad, a normal rain doesn't bother it. Never spoken to customer service, so I guess that's a plus. I've had service for about three years now

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Freedom Yaa


free from hughes!!

No need to suffer any more with hughes! I too was a hughes member for 3 years on a 9000 modem. Then bluegrass cellular built 4g lte towers around KY. They started a new fixed wireless home service and a discount for the first 3 months. GetSetGo is the name of the service. I have had it for 9 months and it is a big improvement over hughes. It shows it available in your area! I have 250 Gigs a month for $67 a month. Free your self from hughes today!!
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Jason M1979


Hughes net customer service

I got Hughes net by bundling with direct tv. I live in a small town with not a lot of internet options. When I ordered my service from direct tv they gave me Hughes nets phone number to set up an appointment. The installer showed as planed but took five hours before he got it working. The day after the installer left my internet went out. I called Hughes net only to find out they. contract the installers and told me I need to call the contractors so I tried no one answered for two days. I bought my kids tablets for Christmas by the time I got hold of the contractors it was Christmas Eve they told me it would be after Christmas I was mad they were ruining my kids Christmas. Well no one showed up that day and I called the contractors they would hear my voice and hang up by the way the contractors name is bullseye sat.by all means avoid these people they are rude and unprofessional. I also called Hughes net and direct tv and they both said to call someone else well 2 days after Christmas they finally showed up. The installer showed up sick at eight in the morning coughed all over my house he fell asleep on my couch while talking to his tech people and it took him four hours to find out it need a new power cord. Hughes net Internet is good but their customer service is terrible as well as bullseye.



Re: Hughes net customer service

This company has charged my account 321.00 and 360.00 ACH debit. I do not owe the company 600.00 I paid automatically every month. I finally had to cancel because this company could not meet my data needs for work. I am a hospice nurse and use the company OS to upload my nursing notes. I called the company several times I paid the most you can pay and they wanted me to by tokens for extra data. To no avail this too much time for my deadlines and finally had to pay my final bill and cancel the account. No one told me they would be taking 621.00 out of my bank account and I did not sign a contract saying this. I have since had to get a lawyer to help me changed my bank account and cancelled my debit card. Their customer service is unfriendly and foreigners who don't care about how happy you are with you service. I tell anyone who will listen not to use this company. its disrespectful to treat people this way.



Re: Hughes net customer service

I am experience the same issues.

The service did not perform as stated, continually dropping. Lost stock trades with losses of over $47,000. Canceled service for non performance and they are trying to charge my credit card for cancellation. Three way conference call where they said no charge to credit card company on December 10th for which credit card company has records and Hughes does not have record, nor records of any of the other calls placed.

Sounds like I just need to cancel that credit card.

Talking with a bunch of jerks from the Philippines the last one said his name was Lyndon Johnson...

I will pull a D & B on the headquarters in Maryland and go for it.

They have pissed me off and taken so much of my time that I don't care what I spend going after these jerks, going to be a bit sporty.




Re: Hughes net customer service

I have hughes right now and I am going to cancel my service. I cannot watch TV with my Roku device because the signal continually drops out every minute of the program. They told me first I needed the gen4 upgrade, but then stated that is what I already have. Then it was my modem had to reset on Jan 2nd and until then I would not be able to watch TV. Now. it is the same issue, and this is only Jan 5th. They tried to charge me for a service call that I did not schedule stating the tech sat at my residence all morning and I was a no show. Well I was at work and knew nothing about this service call. I am reporting them to the State attorney Generals office for misleading customers with bogus service offers. I suggest everyone do the same. Possible class action suit...


Please don't sign up for hughesnet i'm an agent for CS and is the worst service i've ever seen, the sales department tells you how the service is going to be and is not like that they also add extra services on your bill without your permission, so that's why your bill is more than you were told. If you don't have another option than hughesnet please verify what you're getting because it's never going to be like it's supposed to.
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Please listen or you will regret!

If you don't listen you will feel sorry, under no circumstances get a Hughes Net, you will regret it they are a bunch of liars and crooks.