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Review by prfgadget See Profile

  • Location: Oakland City,Gibson,IN
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Better than DIal Up"
Bad "Tech support worst unless you can get to the "Executive Level""
Overall "Better than no Internet (or Dial Up) but still needs a lot of work !"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Got HN on the Gov. Plan 5 years ago and can't see any reason to up-grade after reading the troubles others are having with "GEN 4" .
Equipment provided is a HN-9000 and dish/transceiver.
Everything went along fine for the first 3 or so years then started getting "FAP'ed" for no apparent reason.
After MANY calls to "TECH NON-SUPPORT" (about a years worth) was finally connected to "EXECUTIVE SUPPORT" , after much discussion , 3 dish re-alignment's , 3 different HN-9000 modems and a new transceiver out on the dish the system is still not as good as the original installation was.
I must Credit their "EXECUTIVE SUPPORT" people with finally getting something done (it only took a year to get through to them) .
Although my system is "NOT QUITE RIGHT" yet it is still better than it was.
If I could get a different service in here without having the same installer in here I would.

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This is the only way I could comment. This is by far the worst and most expensive internet I've ever had. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I would go weeks without service and the techs could never resolve the situation. Most of them spoke very little english. I could not even stream a movie when I did have service. Dial up is faster than this. They refused to credit my account no matter how many times I called them over not having service. I could not work from home. I would have to go starbucks to work. They talked me into an auto bill pay when I first signed up and then refused to turn off the auto bill pay even after double charging me and screwing up my bank account. Then when I finally had had enough and told them to shut it off, they charged me for another month (even after I told them to shut off the auto billpay) then waited two weeks and charged me another 200 dollars. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!! Service is extremely slow (dial up is faster) Customer service is the worst I've ever seen ( That was a hard title to take from Sprint but these guys managed to do it) The majority of the people that work their speak little to no english ( Which means they dont understand things like, "my internet is so slow the page times out before it loads) $84 is an awful lot to pay for internet especially when it doesn't work. And if you do take the plunge, DO NOT LET THEM PUT YOU ON AUTO BILL PAY. THEY WILL FUCK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT UP!!!!!