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Review by InfoSeeker5 See Profile

  • Location: USA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "ZERO"
Bad "Everything slow, expensive, worst customer service"
Overall "Last resort only"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Offered GEN4 to new customers at less than half what they forced their current customers to pay.

Installation: Installer put in bedroom, didn't want it there wanted in living room. He said it would be better connection. Told me to go buy Cat6 cables and run it myself from satellite to other side of house. I told him again, put in living room. He didn't do it. 2 1/2 years going back and forth with Hughes, they still won't move the router. Lights blaring no way to suppress.

Speed: Slow slow and more so.

Billing: ONLY can pay bill direct bill AND they get to choose the date they take the money out of account. Can't change date, can't change to pay it yourself online. Pver 100 a month.

WANT TO SWITCH. Begging Verizon to install dsl lines; but too far away to justify the costs................

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Was told many good things about their service. Had ii only 5 hours and found out none of it works as promised. Then cancelled contract and was told I would get back all but $25.00 ($263.93) for handling charges which I didn't like but what the heck. They sent box prepaid except for one it item which I had to ship back at a cost of $13.00. Waited one week after they had received the equipment and called to find out where my refund was at. I guess if it was left to them I would have never seen a dime. So then I was told I would get back $91.00. So I ask what happen to the other almost $200. and was told there was taxes. Wow that much tax huh. Bottom line is they will tell you anything but deliver on nothing. Then lie about everything in between. So after 30 minutes on a cell phone I will end up with $163. and change as there is now it seems a $99.00 non refundable charge. Gee still another new thing to add.. End of story get Comcast ever at sorry as they are, they just cheat you but they don't lie to you.




Terrible! Called for 2 months complaining it doesn't work. Download speed .086. They just keep blaming my router or smartphone, computers. Told them I wanted to cancel if they won't fix it, they said I was stuck for 2 years. They do not make service calls. You are screwed!



Take them to court

Download speed .086. Unusable
They said tough shit I'm in a 2 yr. contract.

david archof



NEVER GET HUGHES NET! It is the worst internet provider I have ever had! First of all, I dont even know when I get more data to use because of how terrible their customer service is, but with my experience, I am pretty sure that I have okay internet speed for all but two weeks of a month and i even have the best plan with the most data you can get. Right now, I am still waiting for the wonderful day when my two year contract runs out and I can lose Hughes net and get a better internet provider that is not a ripoff! PLEASE DO NOT GET HUGHES NET!

K Family


Re: mad

I completely agree - THE WORST ISP I have ever had, including overseas locations where I have lived. If I had an alternative I would gladly cancel and pay the termination fee.

Az Family


Horable Highesnet!!!

Never again! This company is a RIP OFF! They lied about the coverage, the pricing and the terms. Refused to send me copies of documents I was promised. CAN'T WAIT TILL IT ENDS. This is the worst provider ever!!! and I've used Dish, Century Link, and Direct TV. I'm going back to Dish Network