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  • Location: Yorba Linda,Orange,CA
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  • Telco party AT&T
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This afternoon I spent 4:12 on the phone with AT&T UVerse regarding where people in southern California would be able to view the broadcasts of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball games for this season.

I was transferred back and forth between five departments, three department managers and three levels of technical support. The end result was NO access to the Laker games.

Despite the AT&T press release which stated, “AT&T U-verse is thrilled to bring Lakers, Galaxy and Sparks games and other exciting content to U-verse TV customers in Southern California,” said Jeff Weber, President of Content and Advertising Sales, AT&T Home Solutions. “Many of our customers are passionate about Los Angeles sports, and we’re pleased to be able to deliver the content they want.”

And despite the fact the AT&T website shows plainly that UVerse customers with service levels at S200 and above are supposed to be receiving the broadcasts on channel 777 or 1777, the collective responses from the various departments lead me to believe no one at UVerse has any idea what is going on and are not in any position to provide the broadcast coverage it declared in its statement to the media it was going to provide.

The very press release is posted on the LA Lakers website. But the information is incorrect and very misleading/confusing for Laker fans.

So for now, those Laker fans that live in southern California that do not fit into the zip code areas defined by UVerse will find they will not be getting the Lakers unless they are willing to cough up additional funds/fees to view what has always been available for free for more than 30 years.

The sad thing was the total lack of ability to manage this at AT&T. What a deplorable way to run a company! I would be totally embarrassed to work there.

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the Death of free TV

I went through a smiler thing during the Olympics. We wanted to see coverage of the games but we do not subscribe to TV service. we went online only to find that without a login and password issued by a TV service we had no access to any coverage. I looked around only to see that almost every other country had free coverage available. When I tried to watch their streams I got a bounce message that stated they are not available in my geographic area.