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Review by hurfy See Profile

  • Location: Spokane,Spokane,WA
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "Very responsive and knowledgable"
Bad "none, until something breaks"
Overall "great local ISP"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Been meaning to put this up here for years. Felt bad when i see they only have 4 other reviews. Like the others said, you can't say enough about them

The cost and days to live are estimates, only wait was for Qwest of course. Cost includes my 5 IP addresses.

Been with them for years, the original equipment was the good old cisco 675 which i have since replaced with a 678. They support the 1.5/1M speeds at same price, but as i don't download much i left mine alone and still have the old 640k non-interleaved CAP? with low ping times instead. They support upto a 7/1 speed tier now and verizon customers also. Very solid low-key ISP.

There seems to be a blip in service some nights for minute or two is all. I think it was related to a backup and the fact i am not on DMT. (our similiar office setup nearby with Qwest had similiar issues)
The only times (2 in several years?) I called for help, they were great. They checked what was wrong and called me right back. They even helped with a question regarding my Qwest setup at work! Try that with the cable co, hehe.

The ** next to unlimited are not explained on website, but no known restrictions. Website is kinda dated tho

Last time i checked several game servers they link to were still up but mostly empty. Too bad i bet they would rock with a 19ms ping !

Expensive? Sure, but most of my money goes to the good guys at least.The IPs are kinda spendy.
Slow? Well it IS qwest underneath, hehe. I love my lower ping on old setup tho as i play MMORPG and race games, the smaller fast pipe works well for me so i left it as is.

UPDATE: Bailed out after 10 years with them ended up going to cable(well, my boycott made it 10 years anyway) when the connection between them and Qwest broke and after 3 days of fingerpointing neither could tell me the problem or when i would be working again. 4th day i called Comcast. 5th day working again of course BUT..neither company let me know it was fixed nor what happened.

I knew that day would come and how it would go when something finally broke. Sure enough, it is always the other guys fault.

10 years with no serious issues, not a bad run.

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