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Review by Bandito See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $144 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Outages are minimal"
Bad "Shaw doesn't care if you leave for the competition"
Overall "I am waiting for real competition"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Shaw's speeds have risen over the last few years. However, so has their rates. Shaw has become very arrogant and even cocky when it comes to people wishing to negotiate their features and options.

They no longer offer any promotions like they have in the past. They grandfathered some television plans only to remove the protection because they have a right to do so. Their HD Plus is an example. I was told that any channel that turns into HD from SD will be added to your HD Plus package at no extra cost. However, they now no longer do so. They argue that it's to due to channel bandwidth allocation which is actually a "red herring".

Shaw does not care if you leave them for a competitor such as Telus. The only competitor they really dislike and will negotiate crazy deals for you to stay is you're currently a Novus customer. Sadly, most people dont have fibre optic cable and consequently pay very high internet monthly fees.

Read more here: »DSL FAQ »DSL vs CABLE?

Shaw is no longer competitive and making choosing channels very confusing. Unfortunately, this was started by Telus. They all mirror each other.

At the first opportunity, I will ditch Shaw...make no mistake about it. But, I am still waiting.

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No Competition is right

You're right to point out that Shaw does nothing to keep their customers... but this isn't something attributable to Shaw alone. It's an institutional thing, ascribable to both the telecom industry and captured gov't regulators.

In Winnipeg our only two options for internet are MTS or Shaw and neither will do anything to keep you if you want to leave. We need structural separation in Canada badly.


Winnipeg, MB
In Winnipeg our only two options for internet are MTS or Shaw
You can't seriously consider MTS (DSL) an option for internet?

I'm not unhappy with Shaw's service ... but I have to agree, the lack of competition makes them lazy and slow to respond to customers service issues.

Re: No Competition is right

My Shaw bb10 used to be better, but I moved and now my connection flaps non stop. I regularly get right up to the full speed for DL but net is still slow regardless due to ridiculously low UL speed (10Mbps down 512kb up?? why lord)

So good for asynchronous stuff but XBL sucks even with the box wired direct to the modem.

And no, I don't seriously consider MTS an option - check out their website, if you want the higher end packages you HAVE TO buy their TV service, which shares bandwidth. Ridiculous.

At least Shaw has semi reasonable service and decent promotional periods. Still it's hard to argue that having a few more ISPs wouldn't be good for consumers.