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Review by Lesaonar See Profile

  • Location: Victoria,BC
  • Cost: $96 per month
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Good speed in non-primetime hours."
Bad "Gateway/portal issues as well as overloaded node."
Overall "Started well, but issues not long afterwards."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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We switched back to Shaw after a horrendous experience with Telus.

We ordered the triple play package and from order to install was about 9 days. There was a small hitch during the install, due to the issues with BC Hydro cement poles, but overall the install was flawless. The install tech was incredibly friendly and went above and beyond to get us setup as expediently as possible. He even called us back a week after the install to ensure that everything was working properly! It took a while to port our tel number, but again was a Telus issue. It took Telus 7 days to release our number so Shaw could port it.

There have been a few small issues with the Gateway TV system, but nothing major.

We signed up for the Shaw Friends program and have used it a couple of times. Very impressed with the level of service being offered as well as the perks that come with it. Both times we've had to use the Concierge Chat have been answered in under a minute. CSR's have been extremely professional and friendly and issues are dealt with as expediently as possible.

Have had no issues with our BB50 package. Our node is obviously not overloaded and we receive speeds in the 45-50mbps range 99% of the time.

Quite impressed with the improvements that have been made by Shaw since we last used them in Jan 2011.

Update Feb-March 2012;

Started having issues with the Gateway system just hanging. Sound and picture would just freeze for about 30 seconds and then continue. We've also had numerous issues with the portals not being able to stay synched. As well our node is now showing signs of being overloaded. During weekdays there's no real issues, but come 6pm we're lucky to get 7-10mbps until midnight. Weekend mornings are fine up until noon and caps out at the same speeds as weekday nights until midnight-1am. There has been no ETA on when our node is going to be split so speeds will improve.

There have been numerous trucks rolled out to check the Gateway issues as well as a replacement of the drop to the house. We're no longer getting the portal synch issues, but the freezing is still regular.

Support from both ShawSean and the TSR I've been dealing with have been great and much appreciated, unfortunately most of the techs that appear at the door don't seem exceptionally talented at actually troubleshooting the issues or knowledgeable about the gateway system. Almost every tech has mentioned that there's 1 tech in Victoria that knows the gateway system inside and out, while they're still learning about it.

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