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Review by Mango See Profile

  • Location: Burnaby,BC
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $185 per month
Good "Reliable, low packet loss, fast, no speed throttling."
Overall "Yay free Canada/US calling!"
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My Other Reviews

I received some assistance from a couple of Shaw reps here in the forums so I thought it appropriate to raise my rating for Tech Support. Thanks


Shaw recently released new prices and packages in accordance with promotion of their Shaw Exo network. As a result, my internet speed has doubled, I now have free Canada/US calling, and my monthly fees DROPPED $2/month. I thought this would be an appropriate time to update my review.


My employer has had a longer relationship with Shaw's business internet than they have with me. Connection reliability has been excellent. Since 2005 when I started working there, we've had only one outage during business hours, and we were notified about that a week before it happened. The quality of the bandwidth has been excellent - speeds are always as advertised and latency and packet loss is quite acceptable.

We've had Shaw Phone since 2009. I like it for its audio quality noticeably better than Telus and free features. My favourite feature is Caller ID blocking for telemarketers. The only thing that could be improved is that incoming Caller ID Name does not always work. It displays "OT OF AREA", or simply "O", for about 7% of names (yes, I measured) that do display properly on Telus, cell, and VoIP phones.

I've rated Install Co-ordination two stars because both installs we had were rocky. I ordered one phone line and then a few months later ordered three more. During the first installation, the tech wanted to leave before the line would receive calls. I said I would report him if he left me without a phone. He fixed it. The second installation involved a total of five technicians in three visits to do a job that could have easily been done by one tech in one visit.

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