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Review by wilburyan See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $62 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Installed within 2 business days"
Bad "The new hard caps offer no value & evening slow downs"
Overall "Stay away... Shaw's overage billing utopia will eventually screw you"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

Quick review on the service... had it for 3 months. Had one internet disconnection for a few hours early in the morning... which normally wouldn't have been a problem, except my security alarm is connected to the phone line. So the alarm panel beeping at 5AM woke us up because the phone line was disconnected. We received no advanced notice of the outage, I found out after the fact that it was for an upgrade.

Speeds, I only saw full speed in the morning. Prime time right until I went to bed... I would be lucky to see 500KB/second... and upload in the evening for P2P was usually capped at 10KB/second. (was paying for extreme... 1500KB down) Apple movie trailers won't play properly... you get about 10 seconds of playing... 10 seconds of buffering. Netflix HD content would stop playing 2 or 3 times as it backed the bitrate off.

The caps shaw is currently imposing on it's customers are only going to get more and more restrictive as video streaming becomes more and more popular. Because of the caps alone... I would only use shaw as a last resort.

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Beaumont, AB

Not sure what the reviewer is talking about

Can you please provide the documentation the supports your claims that UBB has been implemented and that users are being charged for the said overages


Re: Not sure what the reviewer is talking about

The jump off a cliff reaction to data caps on this site is hysterical. I have yet to hear of a single person actually getting charged for going over... Most of these have bashed Shaw to the extreme and jumped over to Telus, who is now lowering their data caps and implementing overage charges (according to their website anyhow).

What gets me is that they're not happy just hating Shaw, they go after people who are happy with their service and malign them for it.