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Review by ErikRP See Profile

  • Location: Winnipeg,MB
  • Cost: $110 per month
Good "Some of the best speeds in Canada"
Bad "Your Mileage May Vary Signficantly"
Overall "Saturated nodes can impact satisfaction significantly"
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I have been with Shaw for the last 13 years - 9 or so of those was internet as well as TV. I live in a newer section of Transcona in Winnipeg.

I consider myself to be a power user: we have several devices that use our Shaw connection including 2 cellphones, a laptop, a desktop, a few game machines, a tablet and a VoIP. With all of those devices intermittently using the internet connection it's important to have a reliable speed, and plenty of bandwidth. For that reason I have typically had the highest tier available. Currently I'm on the Broadband 100 plan (100 down/5 up).

For the most part I've been happy with the internet provided by Shaw. Nothing too fancy, and I don't bother with any of their provided software which I find is unnecessary and/or unhelpful. Lately however our connection quality has gone downhill significantly. During business/school hours the connection is good. However once school/work is done for the day my connection is terrible to the point of unusable. I'm pretty realistic, I know 100 Mbps doesn't mean 100 Mbps. I'm happy if I'm getting 80+. Try 5. My upload speeds remain as good as ever, and at times my upload speed is almost as high as my download numbers.

I've called Shaw numerous times, and I've had a tech out. Everyone confirms that the node is saturated (without always saying it in so many words). But no one will commit to a time for resolution. Apparently the problem was due to be resolved in October 2012. In mid January 2012 the estimate is hopefully within a month, or maybe two. But again, no firm commitment on when the problem will be resolved.

SUMMARY: If I was to grade Shaw I'd give them a D. An A- for those times when I have a good connection, but a definite F at all other times.

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