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Review by analog andy See Profile

  • Location: Surrey,BC
  • Cost: $50 per month
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Bad "Technicians suck"
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I've had SHAW since 2003 up to 2010. I've never had problems with them, mind you I always had their Business plans for the extra speed and data transfers. I've ran web servers and shoutcast for several years with no issues.

In 2008 I moved into another house and this is where my problems started. I also switch from Business account to personal and did notice a difference in customer service.

In the new house the cable lines were old so I had issues with the signal to the modem isf there were any splitters on the line. Also when I got digital cable I would lose sync with quite a few channels below channel 11 and above channel 25.

I phoned SHAW several times but all I got was "just come in and get new splitters" Eventually I got a tech to come out but all he did was put in "quality splitters" and didn't do anything with the lines.

I got fed up and gave back the digital boxes and just stuck to analog cable. The Internet was still intermittent so I called again. Was told the signal looked good blah blah blah BUT I fluked out and the modem went off line as I was talking to the tech rep. Finally someone acknowledged that there was signal problem and would send out a tech in TWO WEEKS! WTF? Ok I guess I'll have to wait then.

I couldn't take the day off for the service call so told my daughter to tell them that we have expensive and even powered signal boosters and nothing works, so we need at least one new cable line to be run. Well that day the tech came in and it was raining a bit. Stupid guy rinsted fo getting a little wet from some outside work replaced the splitters with the same ones I already got and said give it a go and if it still happens make a new appointment for anther tech to come out. Seriously? I'm not waiting two more weeks!

So the next call was to cancel my Internet account although since there were no options for other tv providers I was stuck with SHAW for TV.

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