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Review by crazyea See Profile

  • Location: Surrey,BC
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 16 days
Good "Off peak speeds. Price."
Bad "Peak time speeds. Phone line isnt as stable as I'd like."
Overall "Regardless of flaws it's still better than Telus at the moment."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
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Overall I am happy with the service. Why because there isn't another competitive option in terms of internet speed at the moment. And the price is quite decent.

- Yes I wish the tv packages were better. There are two many of my go to channels spread across useless theme packages.
- The phone line is good when it works. In all of my years on Telus it never went down even one time. Shaw phone has been down at least 3 times for a full day in the 3-4 months I have been a customer.
- The off peak speeds are great. The peak time speeds drop below 60% of package speeds and even on occasion much worse. I have had 29mbps on a Sunday night on the 100mbps service.
- Customer support isn't useful at all. They call to troubleshoot a peak time problem in the daytime and then say they cant do anything about it.
- Hold times to speak to a human over there are off the charts.
- If you don't need the overall speeds shaw offers, Telus was a much more consistent service.

- The gateway I purchased still has not received the promised features almost two years later.
- The BB100 is relatively consistent.
- The phone services has been stable over the past year.
- Shaw increases prices on a much too frequent basis.
- My tv service still lacks channels at a competitive price.
- I have the stupid gateway and I'm pretty much locked in unless I was to pay it out.
- Overall the service is decent at best, and Shaws tactics, customer service, and pricing increases are awful.
- If you can deal with slower speeds elsewhere, I'd suggest people look there instead.

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Telus has 50mbps now.

Victoria, BC

Re: Speeds

said by jtl999:

Telus has 50mbps now.

In Select areas. And still has some of the worst technical/customer support in Canada and non-bridgeable modems.
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Edmonton, AB

Re: Speeds

My experience with Telus has been much more favorable as far as customer service goes than Shaw, one of the reasons I switched after being a 10 year shaw customer.

Second, you can bridge Telus modems just fine, you just have to know what to do (they do not, and will not) provide the info.


Surrey, BC
I was actually going to switch to Telus to get the free tv, but I had a contract a couple of years ago for their Satellite and opted out early (paid the exit fee). They said I could have the service but I wouldn't be eligible for the free TV (I never received a gift prior). This seemed very unreasonable to me so I decided to stay with Shaw.