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Review by danimaltron See Profile

  • Location: Mission,BC
  • Cost: $150 per month
Good "internet speed relative to Telus."
Bad "Speed relative to advertised plan. Customer service. Missed appointment. Failure to resolve situation."
Overall "I was given terrible customer support. Wasted my time. Installer who didn't listen. Sales person who wasn't knowledgeable."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I was moving to a new home Aug 18 which was a Saturday. I scheduled my install about 3.5 weeks in advance.

Come Saturday, I was moving to my new home. It was very hot and I was of course very busy, and tired. I paused moving, and waited at my new home for the 2 hour window. Nobody showed up. So I called Shaw, and they tell me the appointment was cancelled! They couldn't tell me WHY it was cancelled though.

I was of course pretty upset. But nobody could offer me anything to make it up to me, except waiving the installation fee when they could come back in 4 days. Nobody cared that I've been a customer for 6+ years, have another residential account and also have a business account.

So I scheduled a new appointment and waited.

I then discovered the last owners left their modem behind. I plugged it in... and it worked! But to my dissapointment, it was incredibly slow and unusable for my needs.

I remembered I had an older black motorola surfboard type modem from before the plans were upgraded. So I asked Shaw if they could hook me up with the fastest plan that used this modem for a few days while I waited for the tech to come out. Nope. Against their policy. And it would mean having to cancel my existing appointment.

Again, Shaw demonstrated their policy's are anti-customer and nobody is willing to allowed to go above and beyond to make it right with a disgruntled customer.

When the tech arrived, I had left typed out instructions for him that were very detailed. I wanted the modem to be put in BRIDGE MODE. My wife said the installer said "ok" and hooked it up. When I got home, I saw he didn't listen at all, and hooked the modem up in regular wifi/router mode in front of my existing router. Seriously? How amateur is it so setup a double-NAT and wifi for a customer?

I signed up for Broadband 100. I did a speed test, and I was getting 10-25 Mbits down from Shaw's speed test. This was from behind my router, and also connected directly to the modem.

So, now I have a tech coming out again. And I fully suspect he will blame my house or something else for the speed problems. The nodes in Mission are likely congested and need upgrades and therefore cannot provide the advertised speeds. But they won't admit that.

In summary, my experience was absolutely terrible. Nobody genuinely cares or tried to do anything to fix it, or help me out.

If I can't get advertised speeds, I don't see much reason to NOT switch to Telus.

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The E
Please allow me to retort
Burnaby, BC

Ouch, bad experience.

It certainly sounds like a bad experience, and I'd like to unofficially apologize on the company's behalf. That being said, many things can go wrong on an install. The installer may have requested the office to put your modem into bridged mode, but there may be a signal issue/failure. The tech may not have noticed this during setup.

You're allowed to rant, but you haven't really given Shaw a chance to get things up and running yet; you've just moved into a home where you have no idea how good or shoddy the internal wiring is. How can Shaw know?

Making blanket statements regarding a lack of genuine caring and node congestion is disingenuous and nasty. Many, many employees at Shaw genuinely care about their customers. But of course, there are a few asshats that need to be weeded out. They usually are.

I hope your issue gets resolved; I hope you'll report back with an update. Sorry again for the frustrations you've dealt with.
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Missing the point

They had ample time to make things right in my opinion. They screwed up by cancelling my appointment for no reason, without notice, wasting many hours of my time during an already stressful time. Then, the tech screwed up by not waiting to ensure the modem was in bridge mode when he did finally show up. And he showed up late.
And your support has told me several times modem levels look fine, if not perfect.

For all the trouble and annoyance, I was offered absolutely nothing to make up for it. No "hey, sorry for screwing up, here's some free HD channels for 6 months." or ANYTHING. The point is, out of the 4-6 different people I talked to, none of them cared enough, or aren't allowed, to try make it right with a disgruntled customer with a long history of service with Shaw.

Since then, I've been testing and logging speeds at different times of the day for a couple weeks. Speeds are better at non-peak times on certain days. But, I guess I'm still being disingenuous, and my home's wiring could result in higher speeds in the middle of the night?

I was previously a big fan of Shaw, having a terrible experience with Telus 8-10 years ago and their nasty contracts. I have seen Shaw's service slowly degrade the last few years, as their customer base has seemed to of grown significantly. I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Before the company develops a culture of complacency and starts rotting it from within, it should be looked at honestly.