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Review by Kold See Profile

  • Location: canada
  • Cost: $147 per month
Good "Speed when your using a protocol that can take advantage of it USENET"
Bad "Cost, Corporate Policy, TV features lack modern tech, Price gouging"
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One thing that really gets to me about SHAW is the company's horrible
internal management, and lack of innovation. They only get on board with
something if someone else is doing a product similar or better. And the
practice of going through so many call center personnel to the point where
they hired people from hiring agencies as "contractors" do decrease the
churn numbers is shady at best.

The Gateway system is rather slow. And the fact that the new tiers cut off
channels such as Discovery --which is still available on the analog RF
signal-- is just a plain money grab.

The speeds are nice if you use USENET from a good provider. Then you
actually see that Broadband 50. If you just use Torrents either Cable or
VDSL is fine.
Shaw does provide their own USENET access with very small 30 day binary
retention, which is nice in a pinch or for text based USENET.

I rate them as the best Internet company in Alberta, worst for Phone, and
lacking behind TELUS Optik TV in terms on features, and User Interface.

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