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Review by rampler See Profile

  • Location: Calgary,AB
  • Cost: $155 per month (3 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Excellent internet speed. Great install"
Bad "New PVR is a bit buggy. Bad channel bundling options."
Overall "Upgrading equip and services was the right move"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

Highrise condo, near one of the Shaw central stations downtown. Satellite not feasible.

Prior bundle was extreme internet and classic + HD bundle + some random extras for about $150 a month. Had called in a few times as prices had ticked up a few times and I was looking to reduce the spend OR improve the service/value. Had always declined home phone service since prefer a pure VOIP service with multiple inbound area codes.

Got a call for a promo: full HD bundle, BB50 internet, home phone. Includes free PVR, new modem ($1/month rental). Movie channels and timeshift. Roughly the same price for 3 months. Regular package would be about $210.

Install was scheduled for a few days later. Tech took his time and was respectful of my own setup. Bridged the new modem during the install at my request. I didn't port the home phone to Shaw, as I am happy with my Voip.ms service, so was setup with a new number which is yet to be used.

New PVR is nicer to use, but a bit sluggish and buggy at times. Doesn't stay paused long enough for example, schedule conflicts can be tricky to resolve.

BB50 is amazing. Multiple speed tests consistently show 43-47 Mbps. With Extreme had a few connectivity issues which could have been the aged modem and that now seem to be gone. Technical calls over the years have been OK, but painful to wait and explain the issue.

Have yet to really max it out with downloads, streaming, voip applications which was the goal since the Extreme 15 wasn't sufficient for our growing usage.

At the end of the promo will ditch the phone and reduce channels and be right around the same price point as before but with BB50.

Overall good service and newer equipment helped it out. Choosing between big incumbents is always tough. The internet speed is key. Telus wont provide more than 15Mbps in my building/postcode. This speed should hold us for a while as we move more and more to internet based streaming/downloads for our content we will reduce our television package correspondingly as the bundling of channels is pretty useless across all the carriers.

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