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Review by Finalitius See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $80 per month
Bad "Completely rude Chinese support, threaten to charge more upon discontinued service"
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I've been a Shaw customer for more than 8 years. I switched from dial-up to the "high-speed lite" at 14 kilobytes/sec shaw service.

The service was great, customer support was awesome, I loved the service. Until a few months back - when I wanted to opt out of the service altogether due to service charges for student rates being cancelled - the amount on the bill had literally DOUBLED from the student rate, AND the speed was at 20mbps instead of 25mbps.

I called them up, wasting a total of an hour. Just to get the following statements.

I asked: What happened to my bill, I thought I was on student rates.
"Student rates are no longer available" - I was told that as long as I remain a student, the rates will not change, so long I provide proof that I was one. I was PROMISED.

Thus, I wanted to opt out, this wasn't what I wanted, and they had no permanent fix to this problem.
"If you want to opt out, you'll need to return the modem to us - if not, you'll be charged additional money" - I was told before that I can have them come pick it up free of charge.

Lastly, I asked about the entrance rates and why old customers like me don't get the same treatment
"This has been a tradition in the western world, we always want new customers, if you don't like it, you can opt out." - What the fuck? This is completely rude and uncalled for.

I've been lied to and insulted by a service that I used for more than 8 years.

The English service was better, as they actually offered some sort of temporary solution, thus the 1 point in services. But the temporary fix had ended.

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