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  • Location: Calgary,AB
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "Secure, Stable, Sufficient"
Bad "Questionable foresight, Seems to enjoy acting strong with long time costumers, Zero flexibility"
Overall "In a world... with only one or two primary providers and untested third party providers you may be without recourse."
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Shaw's had issues recently, primarily the out of touch bandwidth restrictions. Their enforcement of it has been clumsy at best with no practical solution aside upgrading to the next tier package which would require someone like myself to either rent or purchase a new modem when I've already purchased a perfectly functional modem along with a marginal bump in data bandwidth, those upgrades are not worth the price of admission. While the doubling of throughput is fine it's also highly hypocritical and counter productive towards the true underlying issue of deficient data bandwidth. Their roll out of 100-250mbit packages earlier this year has ostensibly been stymied since they're here and gone, day to day, on the package listing which may fuel speculation about not having the ability to sustain, this is the trademark inconsistency and poor business acumen that Shaw's become known for in my experience and also the main culprit for decaying their product, the incessant striving for higher speeds, keeping up with the Jones, all while failing to bolster the far more important data bandwidth that goes hand in hand with these high speeds.

Their unlimited offerings across the 10mbit-50mbit are one positive step forward in my opinion but the egregious price gouging results in two steps backward. Relative to third party providers offering Shaw's own 25mbit with unlimited data bandwidth for around $55.00 monthly plus extras like modem purchase that may raise it to $65 or more, Shaw is far less attractive charging $155.00 a month for the exact same specifications. Shaw is in a strange spot currently, there has been mass exoduses from their service in the past and I suspect we're on the precipice of another. This is exactly what needs to occur to help ensure Shaw becomes consumer friendly again as they've been in the past, but it may also be past the point of return.

The only real benefit Shaw currently provides is anonymity and shelter from copyright trolls, something third party may easily succumb to. Ultimately the best fix to the greatest issue Shaw is currently facing, paltry data bandwidth, is another uniform increase across all packages, they did this 3-5 years ago but it's no longer current in todays Xbox One/Playstation 4 full game downloads and HD streaming video climate. If third parties can resell their own service at a far better price with unlimited data bandwidth surely Shaw can find a way, otherwise I suggest you find it yourself as I'll be attempting soon. Here's to the inevitable roadblocks and stonewalling.

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