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Review by kif_ See Profile

  • Location: Sioux Lookout,ON
  • Cost: $94 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Billing is accurate."
Bad "Town is congested, very high latency, "
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I'm on Business 25 for the static IP. It was a big pain getting Shaw to find my address since the part of town I live in does not have postal service, so my house address does not "exist" according to Canada Post. Once we got all the information input correctly the install went fine though.

I have had very little good to say about this internet connection since day one. It seems the first modem that I was provided with (Motorolla SurfBoard SB5102) was defective and I experienced high packet loss for the first couple weeks of service, the tech who came to look at the issue said "nothing was wrong" but did replace the modem anyway. Since then, the modem has been reliable.

Very rarely do I see my advertised speed. Most of the time, I see around 6Mb/s instead of my advertised 25Mb/s, and at other times it can be as slow as 3Mb/s! Many many calls in to the call centre only to be told things like "your network card is set to full duplex so it won't be fast" or "You need to connect a computer directly or it will be slow" or even "FreeBSD is making your internet slow" and worst of all "Skype is routing everyone's calls through your connection so its slow for that reason". I was basically told everything except for "we've noticed congestion in the area" which is the final answer I got from Shaw.

After I had the technician out the last time, he even showed me the modem diagnostic tool and said "your signal is fine so there is no problem with us" When I told him that no matter what house I was in in town with Shaw, the same problem existed he then admitted that there was "congestion" in the town that would not be dealt with until the ground thaws in the spring/summer and that I would just have to live with it until then.

To top it all off, I was told that latency of 130+ms to a server in Winnipeg MB was "really really good" keeping in mind that I am quite close to the ontario/manitoba border.

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Calgary, AB


See if you can get Shaw to replace your modem with the Cisco in bridge mode, I had very similar issues on business 25 until I upgraded to the Cisco modem, at that time, I was only able to with the 50 service, which I did try. Worked great for me since.
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