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Six Month Rating

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Review by nekkidtruth See Profile

  • Location: London,ON
  • Cost: $110 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast, Reliable and Decent Customer Service"
Bad "Pricing"
Overall "Rogers has the speed and the reliability, prices are too high."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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Update 05/26/14: I'm still with Rogers. They have once again revamped their tiers and in my case, my bill dropped about $5/month for more speed. I do pay an abnormally high amount for my connection which is unlimited. I'm still interested in the TPIA's and will definitely move over once I see a dramatic drop in complaints over the change over (ie. Botched installs, days without a connection, congestion etc).

Update 01/22/12: Recently moved and took Rogers with me. I debated using this opportunity to switch to TekSavvy, but after a bit of research I decided to stick with Rogers. I don't enjoy paying the monthly fee that I do, but I haven't had connectivity issues with Rogers in years. My speeds have been totally consistent and I've had 0 down time in over a year. Maybe I'll call in and see if they'll lower my monthly rate for a while.

I am however also not a fan of the caps. There's no reason for them to exist. The monthly pricing and the traffic-shaping/caps are really the two things that bug the most. If Rogers can bring those 2 things to a level that's reasonable, they probably wouldn't have so many disgruntled customers.

Update 04/08/11: It's been a while since I updated my review. Services are basically the same. My connection is rock solid and reliable. Unfortunately, Rogers still shapes traffic and still has low caps although they are currently raising them slightly.

Overall, it's not worth the money. It's been proven there is no congestion issue, so the caps and traffic shaping does nothing but hinder services for no reason.

I've been thinking of possibly going to TekSavvy....We'll see what happens.

Update 11/08/07: There are rumors the caps are going to be lowered. This is unacceptable. The caps are already unreasonable. I suspect they'll lose a lot of customers should this actually be the case. I'm getting fantastic speeds, but I do not appreciate being capped, regardless of whether I reach said caps or not.

I don't use torrents so the throttling doesn't effect me, but I highly disagree with throttling.

Rogers...leave our connections alone. Give us what we pay for and stop telling us what we can and can't do with the Internet connection we pay a small fortune for you to provide us.

Old Review:

I've had Rogers for approximately 7 months now. I switched over from IGS because in my area I was unable to get more than 1784/600 on DSL. I spoke numerous times with Bell as well as IGS and came to the conclusion that after waiting almost 5 years for my area to be upgraded, it just wasn't going to happen.

The installation took about an hour if that. We also had Rogers Home Phone and 2 Digital Cable boxes installed at the same time.

I currently have the Rogers High-Speed Extreme packaged which was originally 6000/800. Recently they have upgraded and my package has been bumped up to 8000/800.

My most recent speedtest shows me as getting:

7940/815 (I consistently get 7500+)

I pay $55.95/month for this service and it has been AWESOME thus far.

I realize Rogers isn't always a viable option as their services do tend to suck in a lot of areas. Thankfully, my area no longer sucks.

Thank you Rogers. After years of paying $54/month for sub-par DSL services, it's nice to finally get my moneys worth.

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