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Review by resa1983 See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $210 per month
Good "nothing"
Bad "Bad Connectivity, even worse Customer Service"
Overall "Just all-around bad. Tech support sucks and can't help with anything"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update: March 23rd, 2011
Switched to Teksavvy because Rogers is so inept it takes them 9 months to fix a throttling issue that Cisco fixed in under a month.

Don't expect actual assistance from Rogers.

DO expect that if theres a problem, its NOT their fault (even if you have proof it is their fault).
DO expect that if you have proof of a problem on their end, they'll find a way to blame YOU for causing the problem.
DO expect to be given the run-around if there's a problem.
DO expect billing issues, they really like to do this.

I hope the CRTC fines them for improperly throttling time-sensitive traffic.

Update: January 24, 2011
Moved and downgraded to Rogers High-Speed Express, bundled with HD Cable, and the Sports package (husband's choice).

Not even getting half the advertised upload speeds, and they now throttle/packet shape absolutely everything - not just the P2P stuff. This results in not being able to game properly on the PS3 with nothing else hooked up to the router. Everything's fine til you're randomly chosen to host the game, then suddenly it becomes unplayable.

More issues with WoW again (and now SC2) as Rogers is packet shaping required ports to play these games. Been given the runaround when I've attempted to contact Rogers Tech Support (its really not their fault, they've been taught to stay on script, and don't know about packet shaping). Lack of assistance when requesting to be kicked up to someone in Tier 2 is very frustrating. Hoping for a resolution after contacting them on their new forums.

You really would think that 60GB is enough for 2 people for a month... Unfortunately thats not the case. Even with our gaming, we never reached more than 20GB a month. However we did a 1 month trial for Netflix, and immediately went over our cap and had to fork out overage charges to Rogers. I hated having to cancel Netflix as they provide much better television/movie options than RoD has, but I'm not willing to upgrade my Rogers package for a higher cap as I hate paying Rogers more money for the poor service they're providing. I'd switch, however everyone else is just as bad right now (or worse, ie Bell), or in the case of Teksavvy, will be as bad once they get throttled by their provider.

I don't even use P2P except when Blizzard pushes their patches for WoW (even then I usually disable it and get faster download speeds from their CDN).. I really wish there was an ISP who cared about their users, and not about how much they can squeeze you for.

Original review:
Honestly, the only good thing about Rogers is that you can bundle their services..
I'm using Rogers High-Speed Extreme bundled with an HD TV package, and their home phone service.

As for the High-Speed Extreme:
I'm constantly having latency issues with Rogers in connecting to WoW. Most traces show Rogers routers as being the issue, occasionally some show AT&T routers as being the issue.

Customer Service:
Any attempt to call Rogers and have them fix an issue (or have them issue a service ticket to AT&T) results in a flat "All our servers/routers are up, so that can't be the problem. I think the problem is Blizzard's servers" without doing any diagnostics, traces, nothing.. While I'm sitting looking at multiple traces showing dropped packets, and increased latency through hops, while the 'techs' are telling me thats normal.

Attempting to use their online tech support isn't much help. Those tech support people respond when they feel like it, or don't. The tech guy I had 'helping' me said if I wanted to find the problem with my latency, he'd have to walk me through tests on my computer. I said sure. He said they'd take a while. I told him that was fine cuz I just wanted it fixed. 30 minutes later, still no response from the tech support personnel. Finally closed their window because I'd had enough of waiting.

I'm currently receiving less than half the download speeds as promised by the package, and nowhere even close to the upload speeds promised either. When calling to ask about this, Customer Service told me this may be due to a lot of people in my area using Rogers, and that it should give much better speeds on non-peak hours and to try then. Cuz you know, I'm really going to be awake at 4am when I need to go to work the next day for 9am.

Either way, these speeds are unacceptable for what I'm paying, and what the package says it offers.

If given the choice, pass on Rogers.

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