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Review by CyberCam See Profile

  • Location: Whitby,ON
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Must admit the service is somewhat reliable (hardly any downtime)"
Bad "Speed is up & down... Horrible tech support & cust service... Automated phone systems sucks"
Overall "I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy... I'd end up feeling sorry for them!"
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My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable
Started with Rogers way back I believe in 1996 when the @Home cable service was first introduced in Durham Region. It was awesome back then as no one knew about high-speed internet.

Started having downtime problems around 1999 sometime when the service started getting popular & Rogers was upgrading their network, actually it was a nightmare.

Left Rogers I believe in 2001 and went DSL with Look Comm.& then tried 3Web. Both started off great but as time when on their servers got overloaded and the speeds decreased significantly.

Decided to go back to rogers I believe in 2004 when I started my own IT business, I used the service for my own little web/e-mail server. I was fairly satisfied with the service although speeds would drop drastically at peek times. I never did/do any heavy downloading or spam e-mailing... I was a model customer. Their customer service was a joke, I had more knowledge than the tech reps, and they would patronize me by going through their scripted cue cards, when I had already researched the problem. But, I let that go because for the most part I didn't have to use often (once or twice a year). I was happy enough, until this past Friday....

They blocked port 25 on me without any warning... my customers can't e-mail for tech support so basically I can't communicate via e-mail right now, I've had to resort to using my Gmail account for the next week until my TekSavvy DSL gets hooked up. Now, I don't mind that they blocked port 25, I realize they are trying to block all the spammers... that's not my issue with Rogers. My issue is they gave me no fair warning at all, if I had known I would have plenty of time to switch ISP's without e-mail downtime. To me they don't even have to decency to notify their customers of such drastic changes, absolutely no respect!

There service is over priced for the slow speeds one gets in peak times. God help any average layman customer that has technical issues. And, that stupid automatic voice recognition answering service that connects you to the wrong department 75% of the time... I don't know how many times I've cursed that thing when trying to navigate through it.

I have converted about 40 people/business over to Rogers through my IT business but now I've going to convert them over to TekSavvy (I'll even get a monthly kick back as a reseller), they've pissed me off for the last time. Up until this week I had Extreme High-Speed Internet, 3 cell phones, 3 Cable TV boxes with large viewing packages & my home phone as well. And all are being moved next week along with my customers I support because of this disrespectful behavior that has caused me nothing but major headaches!


I e-mailed in a complain 4 days ago and I just received a reply... and I just found out that I have to give them 30 days notice to cancel my internet account, whether I use the service or not? The last time I left Rogers (2001) I don't remember ever having to give 30 days notice? And to add insult to injury, I'm now have been on hold with Rogers customer service for 45 minutes to cancel and it's only 10am EST? Are their that many unhappy customers calling them?


After spending a couple of days on the phone with a number of Rogers reps & managers from different departments, I have finally moved to TekSavvy and I'm pleasantly surprised that my internet connection is noticeably faster? Which is strange considering I went from an $65/mth 8mb (Extreme) connection to a $34/mth 5bmb (Premium) connection... my web pages come up within a sec, my hosted web server is lightning fast and I'm able to host my own e-mail server without any restrictions and it too is lightning fast as well! I'm delighted with the customer/tech support TekSavvy offers... a few rings and I'm speaking to a live person!!! Something I've missed for quite some time now!

I like the service so much, I'm going to become a reseller... I'd recommend this service in a heart beat!

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