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Review by Triple Helix See Profile

  • Location: Oshawa,ON
  • Cost: $67 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great Speed and Sevice on the New Hybrid Fibre Optic 150/15 Plan"
Bad "None so far"
Overall "Very, Very Good"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well above consensus)

I'm very happy with there service for the last 15 years and would not go back to Bell!

Thanks Rogers

I have been on the new Hybrid Fibre Optic 150MB down and 15MB up and getting speeds almost 160 to 170MB down with the new Hitron CG3N Modem - Router via Wireless 5G no connection problems and great wireless N distance and of course speed!

Triple Helix

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Rogers sucks

ROGERS SUCKS SINCE IT'S EXPENSIVE... THROTTLING.... UBB ( 100 dollars more) for extra usage

better to go to teksavvy or start communications
Expand your moderator at work

Rogers Sux


Worst company ever! Save your money!

Rogers will sell you services at higher prices than their competitors and then throttle your speeds based on usage. Giving priority to their own network traffic by slowing down traffic to sites like Netflix. Not only that, if they detect outbound traffic from your modem, they'll throttle your speed and your latency will go up to 500 ms. What a pitiful company that can only survive by screwing their customers and lobbying the CRTC to make decisions that favour corporations.
dan mackay

Barrie, ON

modem routers suck

enjoy your shitty modem/router combo and overages

Triple Helix
Go Blue Jays Go
Oshawa, ON

Re: modem routers suck

My SMC Gateway has been working flawlessly sorry but I can't agree with you.




Rogers Express

I have Rogers Express unlimited i believe it is only 25/2 mbps but download speed is usually higher around 32mbps, except when traffic is high then it is dropping below 20 unusually around 17. However speed is good enough for me to download torrent at around 3mbps (i never experienced any speed throttling with rogers, my download is usually sick fast i can download 4GB in 9 min.) my kids watch episode on YT and i can speak on my teksavvy voip phone without static noise. I chat recently with tech support first time in 8 yrs. tech was here next day after winter he replaced a connector in outside distribution box. Once a year i call loyalty dept. and negotiate a price unlimited for $77.48 modem and taxes included. Before taxes it is about 67 bucks. I am planing to callback and try to switch again to newer unlimited hybrid 30/5 without price hike i am not locked with any contract and can cancel at anytime. I don't know why someone would need 125mbps line for $125, is it possible to utilize that much bandwidth in average home? I know Canadian internet and wireless services are priced as one of the highest in developed world and we need more player in the market but for now my suggestion is try not to keep all services with one company because if you do then i think it would be difficult to negotiate price once you are locked in with 2 yr plans on 2-3 phones and cable + internet they know it would be hard to leave them, especially with wireless and most they give you if you ask would be 5 bucks off. I am in Mississauga so i can get teksavvy or start.ca or bell but for now I will stay with rogers with discounts and free modem unlimited price is somewhat compatible and support is better in case there is an issue.